Šentvid Tunnel closed due to connection of side tubes

Tuesday, December 8, 2009 10:31:56 AM

On Wednesday, 9 December 2009, after 9 am Šentvid Tunnel and the complete Šentvid-Koseze section at the A2/E61 Karavanke-Ljubljana motorway between the Šentvid junction and Koseze intersection will be closed for all traffic. A complete closure of the tunnel is needed in order to connect electro supply and machinery systems between the main and the newly constructed side tunnel tubes. New tunnel tubes which are connected to Celovška cesta in Ljubljana are expected to be given over to traffic on 22 December 2009, and the main tunnel should be reopened a few days before that.

During the closure of the Šentvid Tunnel and motorway section between the northern portal of the tunnel and the Koseze intersection, all traffic from the direction of Karavanke and from the Koseze intersection will proceed onto Celovška cesta, as it was before the last summer when DARS d.d. gave over to traffic the new motorway section between Šentvid and Koseze. Due to the Šentvid – Koseze motorway section closure, traffic congestions and even longer jams during peak hours are expected on bypass roads.

During this period, all other systems will be switched off due to connection of electro and machinery installations, and testing and fire test will have to be carried out. DARS d.d. asks the drivers for understanding; the tunnel closure is absolutely necessary due to the abovementioned connection of systems to the side tubes. The Šendvid tunnel system is namely a functionally integral entity and it should function as such. DARS d.d. as the client and the motorway manager, supervising engineer  and contractor will strive to finish works as soon as possible, if possible even before the contractual date, 22 December 2009, which is the final deadline for the Šentvid Tunnel to open for traffic together with the newly constructed side tubes. In this phase, the side tubes will be operational in the direction from the main tunnel tube towards Celovška cesta and onward to Medvode, and vice versa, from the direction of Medvode into the main tunnel tube in the direction of Kozarje intersection. In accordance with the time schedule, the tubes in the direction towards the centre of Ljubljana and vice versa will be operational in the third phase, in 2011, when reconstruction and extension of Celovška cesta with additional lanes and intersections in the area of Šentvid are expected to be completed.

Source: Dars


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