Increased traffic during Easter holiday

Wednesday, March 27, 2013 10:04:14 AM

An increase in traffic is expected on Slovenian roads this weekend due to the Easter holiday from Austria towards the border crossings with Croatia and from Italy to Hungary. The roads are expected to be at their busiest on Friday; in some European countries, the holiday starts a day early, so increased traffic can be expected on Thursday.
At border crossings with Croatia the biggest increase in traffic is expected on the Obrežje/Bregana, Gruškovje/Macelj and partially on the Sečovlje/Plovanija and Dragonja/Kaštel.

Longer traffic jams are not expected in the east-west direction on motorways between Hungary and Italy; however, an increase in traffic may be caused by accidents and breakdowns. Tolerance and caution are advised to drivers travelling to and from tourist destinations, although due to the poor weather forecast, major congestion is not expected.

On Thursday and Friday, increased traffic is also possible on sections which are busiest during daily peak hours.
Drivers are advised to check the traffic situation on the website of the Traffic Information Centre or by phoning +386 1 518 8 518.

Road sections where traffic jams are expected during highly increased traffic:
- from Ptuj towards the Gruškovje/Macelj border crossing: A4-E59 Maribor – Ptuj (narrowing of the road at Draženci), G1-1-E59 Maribor-Ptuj-Gruškovje (before the Gruškovje border crossing);
- from Ljubljana towards the Obrežje/Bregana border crossing: A2-E70 Novo mesto-Obrežje (before the Obrežje border crossing);
- from Ljubljana towards the Sečovlje/Plovanija and the Dragonja/Kaštel border crossings: A1-E61/70 Ljubljana-Koper (at the end of the motorway at Koper), G1-1 Koper-Dragonja (before the Dragonja border crossing), G2-101 Koper-Sečovlje (before the Sečovlje border crossing).

We also point to the freight traffic restrictions during holidays in Slovenia and the neighbouring countries:

Friday,  29 March                                    Saturday,  30 March
Slovenia       14.00 - 21.00                         Slovenia      no restrictions
Austria         no restrictions                       Austria       15.00 - 24.00  
                    (A12 & A13 16.00-22.00)                         (A12 & A13 10.00-24.00)
Italy              14.00 - 22.00                          Italy              8.00 - 16.00
Hungary        no restrictions                       Hungary     22.00 - 0.00
Croatia         15.00 - 23.00                          Croatia        no restrictions

Sunday,  31 March                                  Monday,  1 April
Slovenia       8.00 - 21.00                           Slovenia       8.00 - 21.00
Austria         0.00 - 24.00                           Austria         0.00 - 22.00
Italy              8.00 - 22.00                           Italy               8.00 - 22.00
Hungary       0.00 - 24.00                           Hungary       0.00 - 22.00
Croatia         no restrictions                       Croatia        14.00 - 23.00

Tuesday,  2 April     
Italy             8.00 - 14.00   

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