A8 - Safety Improvements to La Giraude Tunnel Cliffs

Thursday, October 20, 2016 5:45:00 PM

Mountainous terrain requires that extensive protective fencing overhang the motorway to prevent rocks from falling on it.
This is why VINCI Autoroutes has gone beyond the limits of the motorway itself and undertaken a major safety improvement project for the cliffs above the A8. Stabilization works will begin Monday, October 17, on the cliffs situated at the entrances and exits of the La Giraude tunnel.
Undertaken to safeguard the stability of the cliffs that overhang the A8’s roadways, these exceptional measures are essential to ensuring the safety of drivers.
The first step is to repair or replace the existing safety fencing. Then, extensive work will be carried out installing steel netting to prevent rockfall. This will prove to be a spectacular operation, since the materials will be dropped off by helicopter.
The stabilization works are scheduled to take place in two two-week stages:
• From Monday, October 17 to Friday, October 28, from West to East (direction Italy)
• From Monday, November 14 to Friday, November 25, from East to West (direction France). 
Modified traffic from Monday, October 17 to Friday, October 28 ensure the safety of drivers and teams working above the A8, the affected roads will be temporarily closed.
Traffic will flow in both directions via the Italy-bound lanes from 8 AM Monday, October 17 to 2 PM Friday, October 28.
During these periods, traffic restrictions will be applied to heavy vehicles transporting hazardous materials (THM):
• During the day, convoys will be organized every two hours on the French side in collaboration with the Gendarmerie. The Italian motorway police will be in charge of organizing the convoys traveling from Italy to France.
• THM vehicles will not be authorized to circulate at night. Heavy vehicles will be compulsorily parked at La Turbie on the French side and at Autoporto Ventimiglia in Italy.
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