Avoid summer jams anticipated at the end of the A4 Drava Valley Motorway

Friday, June 16, 2017 1:38:00 AM

16 June 2017 – Due to the closure of the Ptuj bridge across the Drava river and to the border controls being tightened following European regulations, heavy congestion is expected on the A4 Drava Valley Motorway towards Croatia this year. This particularly applies to the section between Draženci and Gruškovje where construction works are underway on a 13-kilometre motorway stretch.

As is the case every year between June and September, the traffic tends to increase significantly in the area between Maribor and the international border crossing of Gruškovje, with peaks in July and August. For several years, the traffic has proved particularly heavy on Saturdays in July and August, with miles of jams as a result. This congestion may be accompanied by accidents followed by hours of stand-still.

In this respect, DARS will take measures to improve flow this year together with the stakeholders (Directorate of Infrastructure, Police, surrounding municipalities). In addition to user information and alerts through media and social networks, special attention will again be paid to international traffic management.

Some of the measures performed during this year's season:

• it has been agreed with the Austrian ASFINAG motorway operator to use the motorway displays located around Graz (in the direction of Slovenia) to show the traffic situation focused on the congestion area between Slivnica and Draženci.
• To inform the international community, several thousand fliers have been produced showing alternative routes towards the Croatian coast in the event of congestion on the A4 motorway between Slivnica and Draženci or on the A1 motorway. Among others, the fliers will be distributed at the points of sale of vignettes between Graz and Spielfeld/Šentilj and at the Šentilj border crossing. The same information will be published on the web.
• The traffic Information Service will provide information on any expected traffic jams to the Slovenian AMZS, German ADAC, Croatian HAC and foreign embassies.

These are just three of the numerous measures to alleviate congestion on the Šentilj-Gruškovje traffic route. Individual measures concerning national roads will also be performed by the Directorate for Infrastructure in close collaboration with the Police.

We kindly ask users to observe the traffic signals and inquire about the state of the roads before starting the journey. If necessary, choose an alternative route to reach your goal faster.  

We recommend first checking the situation at the border crossings and use those with less traffic. The latest data on waiting times at border crossings are available on the Traffic Information Centre   web portal. To check the map of external Schengen border crossings, click here.
We recommend that users check before the situation and road conditions starting the journey. Check your vehicle, the volume of fuel in the tank and make sure you have sufficient drinks (water) with you before leaving.
Recommended sources for traffic information:

- The promet.si website, which also shows the waiting times on larger border crossing with Croatia,
- Call +386 1 518 85 18 (not a toll-free number),
- mobile application DarsPromet+,
- social networks (@DARS_si in www.facebook.com/Vozimo.pametno),
- traffic information broadcast by radio stations.

The construction of a 13 kilometre stretch of motorway between Draženci and Gruškovje is proceeding in accordance with the contractual timing. As expected, the section shall be handed over to traffic at the end of 2018. To check the course of the works, click here.
In September 2016, the first three kilometres of the newly built half of the motorway (from the Draženci motorway junction towards Gruškovje) were released for traffic, while the remaining part to Podlehnik was delivered in the middle of December 2016. This means that traffic is now running two-way at the limited speed (construction site traffic) of 50 kph along half of the newly constructed highway, i.e. one lane in each direction for just over seven kilometres. This is also how the traffic will be arranged this year’s season. MAP

We thank for your understanding.


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