Exercise Kastelec 13

Friday, November 8, 2013 1:00:00 PM

On Sunday, 10 November 2013 from 10 am and Midday will be held EXERCISE Kastelec 13 "on the A1-E61/70 motorway between Kozina and Kastelec junction in both directions, there will be motorway closed". Diversion during the EXERCISE will be via Kozina and Kastelec junction in the parallel regional road R2-409, Kozina - Kastelec.

Joint exercise DARS, Motorway Company in the Republic of Slovenia-manager motorway tunnels in Slovenia and rescue units in order to test the concept of protection, rescue and relief to the standard of an accident in the tunnels, and various parallel activities and actions of units for the protection and rescue in the event of traffic in the tunnel Kastelec.

The assumption of exercise is that it is in a tunnel accident occurred, which is the experience of work in Year 2011. His vehicle was caused by inappropriate speed crashed into the tunnel wall and turned and damaged stop between the two lanes. The vehicle has flared up since the notes of smoke and fire. Other vehicles are taken over and leave the tunnel. The driver was pinned in the vehicle. The tunnel is closed in both directions.

The exercise involved :

- ReCO: Branch Office Koper,
- Fire: JZ GB Koper,
- Units NMP : ZD Izola, rescue Slovenian Istria, NMP ZD Koper,
- Police,
- Traffic information center for public roads,
- URSZR: Branch Office Koper,
- Local authorities: Municipality of Koper, Hrpelje - Kozina,
-DARS: RNC Kozina, RV Kozina ACB , ACB ESV Kozina, Toll center Videž and others .

Source: DARS d.d.


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