Increased morning and afternoon traffic as of 1 September

Wednesday, August 31, 2016 12:30:00 PM

LJUBLJANA, 29 August 2016 - Attention all drivers, be up to date with the latest changes in traffic conditions. We are expecting an increase in morning and afternoon traffic, which you can avoid by checking the latest traffic info, by choosing alternate routes and calculating your travel time, which can also be done in the mobile application DarsTraffic+.

Due to the changes in our ways of life, a steep increase in traffic and, consequently, larger numbers of regular (urgent maintenance and reconstruction works) and irregular (traffic accidents) events, we are facing daily traffic congestion during peak daytime traffic loads. The most problematic are morning and afternoon loads, which is the consequence of people going to and from work.

As of 1 September traffic shall be especially increased:

  • from Monday to Friday,
  • between 6 and 8am and between 3 and 5pm, and

  • on highways near larger Slovenian cities and on the approaches to larger cities.


Measuring location: Northern Ljubljana bypass, the average speed/morning traffic 2015 (green: the last working week of August 2015, red: the first working week of September 2015).


Location of counting: Northern Ljubljana bypass, morning traffic/average numbers of vehicles in one hour (green: the last working week of August 2015, red: the first working week of September 2015).

 In addition to the traffic volume the fluidity of transport is also affected by: 

  • traffic accidents (in case of traffic accidents complete roadblocks of a couple of hours are to be expected due to area security, investigation processes, and cleaning the remains of the accident),

  • weather conditions (rain, fog, etc.),

  • roadworks (regular urgent maintenance and reconstruction works help increase the safety of roads). In September the regular urgent maintenance works will be joined by the reconstruction works:

  •  on the A2 highway between Kranj and Brnik (they will be finished somewhere around mid-September),
  • on the northern Ljubljana bypass, and

  • on the Styria highway (Arja vas - Šempeter, from 23 August to approx. 7 October due to the reconstruction works in the direction of Ljubljana).

We expect that traffic due to tourists shall be steady during the weekend, but we do expect an increase in traffic volume during the morning and afternoon peaks during the weekday.

Drivers can contribute to a higher safety and traffic fluidity:

We can try to avoid driving during peak hours.

During the highest peak hours we can use alternative routes.

 We are tolerant drivers and comply with the Highway Code. It is important to respect the maximum allowed speed limit and maintain a safety distance because every little crash can cause large congestion.

  • We are informed drivers, we always check the traffic conditions before setting off:

  •  the automatic telephone receiver on the state of traffic on highways: 080 22 44
  • PIC (Traffic Information Centre): or on the tel. no. +386 1 5188 518.

The website provides the users with:

  •  information on the expected travelling time in individual larger cities and routes;
  • information on traffic shown on the map in different colours, which presents the traffic volume.

     The traffic fluidity is also affected by:

  • the correct entry on the highway: a driver who is entering the highway has to do so safely and by accelerating on the acceleration lane, whereas the driver who is driving on the right lane has to ensure there is enough space for the driver on the acceleration lane to enter the highway safely;
  • fluid entry on highways where there are roadblocks: drivers who are driving on the right lane have to move to the left lane in order to allow entry for vehicles entering the highway.



 Watch the video  

 The mobile application DarsTraffic+is meant for those of us in Slovenia who drive to work every day. We need information on the possible obstacles or increase of our travelling time. Therefore, there are two key things that the application offers us: real-time calculation of the travelling time on a pre-defined route and information regarding obstacles (events) on that route. Be well informed as you drive and download the application from the website The application is also available in Google and Apple stores and available for the Windows system.  


We would like to ask all drivers to take into account the listed factors that affect traffic fluidity and ensure their safety as well as the safety of other drivers.

 DARS d.d. wishes you a safe and calm trip.








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