Increased Traffic Due to Pentecost Holidays in Austria and Germany

Friday, June 6, 2014 9:04:01 AM

Normally, large numbers of tourists flood the roads and increase traffic every year from towards the end of June, the peak being in the second part of July and first part of August. However, this year, we are expecting the first wave of tourists to arrive earlier for the Pentecost holidays when Austria and parts of Germany start their short vacation time. If the weather forecast is encouraging, we can expect even more traffic.  

Traditionally, we can expect increased traffic flow from North to South or from Austria towards Croatia and the other way around; however, recently, the East to West direction has proved no less popular. Many people living in the East have become regular seasonal workers, especially in Italy and France, and return home for the holidays. 
Consequently, we would like to recommend that people who find themselves driving on our motorways and trunk roads during this time exercise restraint and patience, since not all foreigners know our roads well and we can expect erratic behaviour from time to time.

We can expect larger numbers of vehicles with foreign licence plates on Thursday, 5 June, and even more on Friday and Saturday. Many tourists will be returning home on Monday, 9 June, meaning that the traffic flow will be heavier in the opposite direction – from Croatia towards Austria and Italy and from Hungary towards Italy. 

The sections where we can expect more traffic include:
- The Maribor – Ptuj A4 Motorway: at the end of the motorway near Ptuj, where traffic is redirected from two lanes to one. 
- The Karavanke – Ljubljana A2 Motorway: before the Karavanke Tunnel.
- Main Road No. 11 (Koper – Šmarje – Dragonja).
- Main Road No. 111 (Koper – Izola – Portorož).
- Main Road No. 6 (Postojna – Ilirska Bistrica – Jelšane).

The following border crossings are expected to attract a lot of traffic:
Sečovlje (on the Portorož – Sečovlje road), Dragonja (on the Koper – Dragonja road), Starod (on the Kozina – Starod road), Jelšane (on the Ilirska Bistrica – Jelšane road), Obrežje (on the Novo mesto – Obrežje motorway) and Gruškovje (on the Ptuj – Gruškovje road).

Even though the A1 Littoral motorway between Ljubljana and Koper has the densest traffic on all the Slovenian motorways during the summer, the A1 Styria motorway between Maribor and Ljubljana is becoming increasingly congested. This means that even smaller unforeseen events or accidents during increased traffic can lead to longer periods of congestion on these days.

Construction work on the Styria motorway
We would especially like to draw the attention of users to the urgent construction work being carried out on the A1 Vransko – Blagovica section and in the Trojane road tunnels. During this phase, we will be able to perform all the work at night; however, we recommend that you avoid this section of the roads whenever possible during complete closures. Due to a complete closure on the night from 7 to 8 June and on the night from 8 to 9 June, we will be redirecting personal vehicles onto the regional road, which has a damaged viaduct. This means we will introduce alternating one-way traffic. People who urgently need to drive on these nights are advised to take the road through the Tuhinj Valley or Zasavje when travelling between Ljubljana and Vransko. During the detours, DARS will closely monitor freight traffic and adequately manage it depending on congestion. Drivers should thus adhere to road signalisation and instructions provided by the competent authorities in the field. 

The Franja Marathon
This weekend, the traditional Franja cycling marathon will also be taking place. Traffic will be considerably limited on the traditional routes of the individual races, while some roads will be completely closed.  We would like to caution drivers about the lesser known Friday Time Trial. We will be closing the roads between Šmartinska Cesta in Ljubljana and Dol pri Ljubljani in the afternoon and evening. 
We recommend that drivers call the Traffic Information Centre before setting off by dialling the number +386 1 518 8 518. They can also consult the Centre's website at and get up-to-date information on the current state of Slovenian roads, as well as forecasts (the traffic calendar).

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