Increased traffic during Easter and May Day holidays

Thursday, April 21, 2011 9:25:54 AM

Easter holidays will begin on Saturday in the majority of European countries, and somewhere (for example in Germany and Switzerland) already on Friday. This is why we are expecting increased traffic from Austria to the border with Croatia already on Thursday afternoon and even heavier traffic on Friday.

Between Thursday afternoon and Saturday, it is expected that traffic will intensify the most from the Karavanke tunnel towards central Slovenia and further towards Dolenjsko and the Obrežje border crossing, partly also towards Primorsko and the border crossings of Sečovlje and Dragonja, and from the Šentilj border crossing towards the Gruškovje border crossing.
We would like to warn drivers who drive to work every day that the inflow of vehicles with foreign registration plates will be noticeable already on Thursday morning, and even more so on Friday. Drivers should expect congestions and longer waiting lines in sections which are otherwise among the most congested sections during peak hours.
In this time, the Obrežje and Gruškovje border crossings will be among the most congested exit points from Slovenia. A possible alternative for the Gruškovje border crossing is the Dobovec border crossing, for citizens of the European Union also the border crossings of Rogatec and Zgornji Leskovec, while a possible alternative for the Obrežje border crossing for citizens of the European Union are the border crossings of Rigonce and Slovenska vas.
Easter holidays and May Day holidays will be practically merged this year, and they will also coincide with a school recess in Slovenia, which is why increased traffic in the opposite direction is not expected before Sunday, 1 May, and Monday, 2 May.
In terms of traffic volumes, the mentioned directions have been joined in the recent years by the east-west direction on the motorways linking Hungary with Italy. Since there are no major bottlenecks there, we do not expect longer hold-ups, except in case of accidents, which are frequent when the traffic intensifies and drivers get tired. More frequent malfunctions of vehicles and consequent obstacles on roads are also expected. We recommend drivers to be very patient and careful during this period.
During the holidays, especially if the weather is nice, traffic will also be increased in the direction of tourist destinations and back.
The managers of state roads – DARS and DRSC – will avoid making major works on main roads, in particular on motorways, during this period. Only possible emergency and intervention works will be taken into consideration.
Drivers are recommended to get acquainted with the situation through the website of the Traffic Information Centre- or through the telephone number 1970 (+386 1 518 85 18).
Road sections where hold-ups are expected during periods of heavily increased traffic:
- from Ptuj to the Gruškovje border crossing: A4-E59 Maribor – Ptuj (narrows near Draženci), G1-1-E59 Maribor-Ptuj-Gruškovje (before the Gruškovje border crossing),

- from the Karavanke tunnel to Ljubljana: A2-E61 Karavanke-Ljubljana (narrows near Brezje and near Podtabor (in the opposite direction)),

- from Ljubljana to the Obrežje border crossing: A2-E70 Novo mesto-Obrežje (before the Obrežje border crossing),

- from Ljubljana to the border crossings of Sečovlje and Dragonja: A1-E61/70 Ljubljana-Koper (at the end of motorway near Koper), G1-1 Koper-Dragonja (before the Dragonja border crossing), G2-101 Koper-Sečovlje (before the Sečovlje border crossing).
Please note the restrictions of cargo traffic during the holidays in Slovenia and neighbouring countries:
Friday, 22 April                                                    Saturday, 23 April
Slovenia - 2 PM - 9 PM                                         Slovenia - no restrictions
Austria - no restrictions                                       Austria - 3 PM – midnight
Italy - 4 PM - 10 PM                                               Italy - 8 AM - 10PM
Hungary - no restrictions                                     Hungary - 10 PM – midnight
Croatia - 3 PM - 11 PM                                          Croatia - no restrictions

Sunday, 24 April 
                                                  Monday, 25 April
Slovenia - 8 AM - 9 PM                                          Slovenia - 8 AM - 9 PM
Austria - midnight - 10 PM                                     Austria -  midnight 10 PM
Italy - 8 AM - 10 PM                                              Italy - 8 AM - 10 PM        
Hungary - entire day                                             Hungary - midnight – 10 PMy
Croatia - no restrictions                                        Croatia - 2 PM - 11 PM

Wednesday, 27 April
Slovenia - 8 AM - 9 PM
 Friday, 29 April
Slovenia - 3 PM - 11 PM

Saturday, 30 April
Austria - 3 PM - midnight
Hungary - 3 PM - midnight

Sunday, 1 May
Slovenia - 8 AM - 9 PM
Austria - 3 PM – midnight
Italy - 8 AM - 10 PM
Hungary - midnight - 10 PM
Croatia - 2 PM - 11 PM

Monday, 2 May
Slovenia - 8 AM - 9 PM
Good luck and drive carefully!


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