Recommendation for drivers

Wednesday, October 19, 2011 5:00:00 PM

Due to the weather forecast, we recommend that drivers check their vehicles for suitability in winter conditions. The warning is particularly intended for those who are travelling to high altitude areas and mountain passes. The drivers are advised to regularly listen to traffic and weather reports. We kindly ask the drivers of heavy duty vehicles to follow the instructions on the removal of their vehicles from traffic.

According to the weather forecast, heavy rain and snow above 500 m above sea level are expected from Wednesday to Thursday and throughout Thursday. Such conditions are expected to create further congestions and problems in traffic already during the morning rush hour. Therefore, the same route will take more time than normally.

Most problems are expected on the roads in the Gorenjska, the northern Primorska and the Notranjska regions, and at all high altitude areas, we expected wind speed on H4 expressway (Nanos- Ajdovščina), R2-444 (Ajdovščina - Podnanos) or Vipava valley.
Drivers are recommended to get acquainted with the situation through the website of the Traffic Information Centre- or through the telephone number 1970 (+386 1 518 85 18), so check our webside befor travelling.

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