Reconditioning of the Dolenjska motorway between Brežice and Obrežje

Thursday, July 8, 2021 11:05:00 AM


The preparatory works are underway for reconditioning of the A2 Dolenjska motorway section between Brežice and Obrežje.

Until 14 July 2021, the overtaking lanes in both directions are expected to be closed, with only the drive lanes open to traffic.

This will be followed by a closure of the carriageway in the Ljubljana direction, and the traffic is scheduled to run on the other half of the motorway in both directions - two lanes in the Obrežje direction and one lane towards Ljubljana. The traffic will then be redirected to the reconditioned half of the motorway for the next two months, running in both directions as described above, while the carriageway towards Obrežje will be closed to traffic due to reconditioning. The works will be finished in the first half of November this year. 

The total length of the motorway resurfacing (both carriageways); the Brežice junction, the Obrežje truck road, and the Obrežje Terminal junction, is 22.1 km.

Motorway users can also contribute to better traffic safety and flow at the location of the work closure, particularly by following the traffic regulations and signalisation, using the correct vehicle lanes before the closure, and with patience in case of congestion.

Insufficient safety distance, unnecessary overtaking, changing the drive lane before or within the closure area, or the hindering of the fast lane by the truck drivers, can quickly cause accidents followed by long congestions.

We kindly ask the drivers to be patient and careful while driving, and recommend them to get information about the road conditions in a timely manner, preferably from the Traffic Information Centre.

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