The Traffic Information Centre for National Roads – Five Years of Work

Tuesday, March 15, 2011 3:29:13 PM

On Tuesday, 15 March, the Traffic Information Centre for National Roads (PIC) celebrated five years of success. The Centre was established by the Motorway Company in the Republic of Slovenia (DARS d.d.) and the Slovenian Roads Agency (DRSC), with its main purpose being to inform the public of the condition of state roads, as well as their traffic levels and traffic capacities. In the five years since its establishment, the PIC has sent more than 85,000 reports on the events occurring on the state road network (17,300 reports a year, 1,442 reports a month, or an average of 48 reports a day) to over 50 radio and TV stations.

Drivers can also obtain traffic information through the call centre by telephoning +386 1 518 8 518, teletext pages 171–173 of the public broadcaster TV SLO, the website, which can also be accessed using mobile phones, or through the standard traffic news feed on Internet portals such as AMZS, 24ur, Žurnal24 and

The Traffic Information Centre for National Roads gathers information on the condition and traffic levels of all the state roads managed by DARS d.d. and the DRSC, and relays this to the public through various media outlets 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Centre works closely with radio and TV stations and provides them with updated traffic information free of charge; its staff make daily live appearances on more than 30 radio and TV programmes. Drivers can check information in more detail by telephoning the call centre on +386 1 518 8 518 and get advice on possible detours and the most optimal road links between locations in Slovenia, the distance between them, cargo vehicle restrictions, expected traffic congestion and other important traffic information. On this telephone number, the drivers themselves can also report information on any unusual events taking place on the roads.

The Traffic Information Centre's nine members of staff make constant efforts to gather as much relevant information as possible from a variety of sources, (e.g. surveillance centres, maintenance workers, inspectors, Police officers, motorway toll staff, drivers, the national Emergency Notification Centre, etc.) and communicate this information to drivers and other users as soon as possible.
The Traffic Information Centre has become increasingly recognisable over the years. According to the latest survey conducted among motorway users, more than 70% of drivers are familiar with the PIC's telephone number and over 90% are familiar with the website. This has also been confirmed by the increased use of these two sources of traffic information. The number of visits to the website and the number of calls have increased by 30% over the past twelve months.

The PIC actively cooperates with the Police, particularly with its Operational and Communication Centre, as well as with the authorities responsible for the maintenance of individual state roads and the operators of motorway surveillance centres. It has established a plethora of international ties in order to obtain the most important traffic information from abroad, and actively participates in certain European projects for the international management and rerouting of traffic.

The PIC is constantly enhancing cooperation with various services and organisations which can assist with the dissemination of faster and more comprehensive traffic information. These include the National Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief and its Emergency Notification Centre, faculties, institutes and traffic experts. The Centre is also endeavouring to become more actively involved in projects which improve the accessibility of traffic information by means of new technologies, such as traffic information for navigation devices, the integration of intelligent transport systems, so-called e-calls, etc.

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