Traffic announcement by beginning of August 2016

Thursday, July 21, 2016 12:30:00 PM

There are two very busy weekends before us. The tourist season is at its peak, therefore intensified traffic is to be expected between July 22nd and 24th from Austria to Italy and Croatia, and from Italy to Hungary in the afternoon, as well as from the city centres towards tourist destinations.


By the end of the following week, the school holidays will begin in the German federal states of Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg. Due to tourists coming from Italy, an increase in traffic congestion is to be expected on the coastal roads and border crossings with Croatia.

The following Saturday, on July 30th, the roads will be busy mostly because of the Russian Chapel ceremony, which will be attended by the president of the Russian Federation and hence traffic will be significantly disrupted in the regions of Upper Carniola and Ljubljana. Therefore we advise you not to plan any trips on July 30th in the regions of Upper Carniola and Ljubljana or to prepare your trip accordingly and in time. More on the link: Disrupted traffic in the regions of Upper Carniola and Ljubljana.

Congestion is to be expected every Saturday in July and August before the end of the A4 highway towards Croatia. We advise drivers to take alternative routes. Some options are listed in the enclosed brochure.
On Friday afternoons, congestion is to be expected on the entire western Ljubljana bypass towards the coast and Croatia crossings. On Saturdays and Sundays will have increased traffic in the opposite direction, from Croatia and the Slovenian coast towards Austria, and also from other tourist destinations towards larger cities.

Severe congestion is to be expected on Saturdays before the Karavanke tunnel and at the border crossings in Istria and Gruškovje.



Extensive restoration works are being performed on the north Ljubljana bypass. Traffic between Tomačevo and Celovška road runs both ways on two narrow lanes. By the middle of next week (probably by July 27th), the Savlje junction towards the coast will be closed. After its opening, the junction towards Celovška road will be closed for 8 days in the same direction. The entry junction towards the industrial part of Šiška in the direction of the coast is also closed. Traffic for freight vehicles above 7.5t between Styria and the coastal region and vice versa is being redirected onto the eastern and southern Ljubljana bypass.


Works on the emergency lane between Postojna and Razdrto are to be carried out (work will be performed on the iron safety railing). The works will finish by the end of July. In the daytime, between 5am and 9pm, the emergency lane will be closed for short sections. At night, between 9pm and 5am, the driving lane may periodically close as well.


There are restoration works being performed on the Arja vas (Žalec)–Šempeter section. In the first phase, probably by July 25th, only the emergency lanes in both directions will be closed. In the second phase, probably between July 25th and August 23rd, traffic will still run on both carriageways because as only the fast lanes will be closed. During the restoration works, traffic will always run on two (narrowed) lanes in both directions.


We advise drivers not to include the Slovenian-Austrian Karavanke tunnel on the A2 highway in their travelling plan for Saturday, July 30th, because it will be closed throughout the day in both directions due to a protocol visit.

We also warn drivers about the increased number of freight vehicles before the Karavanke tunnel towards Austria on Monday. Traffic will also be disrupted at the Hrušica exit junction during the congestion.


Before departing, check the traffic conditions and pay attention to the traffic calendar: link.
Try not to set off during heat peaks and high traffic density. Your cargo should be properly loaded, you should be well rested and should have sufficient amounts of liquid with you (a water bottle).

More information:
• route check on the website;
• operator call on 1970, Traffic information centre for state roads (PIC);
• usage of an automatic telephone responder on traffic conditions on highways: 080 22 44;
• mobile application DarsPromet+;
• Twiter @DARS_si;
• through the Facebook page;
• traffic information on radio stations.

Good luck and drive safely!

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