Traffic Forecast for the Period from 24 April to 3 May

Friday, April 24, 2015 7:00:00 PM

Before the upcoming holidays in Slovenia, increased traffic is expected on Friday, 24 April, mostly from urban centres towards tourist destinations. On Thursday, 30 April, there will be increased traffic from Ljubljana towards Gorenjska and Primorska and from Austria and Italy in the direction of Croatia due to holidays in other European countries.

Traffic will be heavier than normal at border crossings with Croatia; usually, it is most concentrated at the Dragonja border crossing.

Increased caution is advised in the vicinity of the traditional Labour Day venues due to heavier traffic on 30 April and 1 May.

On Sunday, 3 May, there will be increased traffic in the opposite direction, mostly from Primorska and Gorenjska towards Ljubljana and from Croatia in the direction of Italy and Austria.

On these days, congestions are expected at the border crossings with Croatia on entry to Slovenia. The Dragonja and the Sečovlje border crossings will be the busiest.
The heaviest traffic on these days will be on the Ljubljana – Koper motorway.
On Thursday, 30 April, increased freight traffic is also expected, primarily on the motorways between the borders with Hungary and Italy. 

We also recommend caution due to numerous roadblocks and other events taking place.
Planned Roadwork
Maintenance work – overhaul of the hydrant network – is planned for the Golovec three-lane tunnel (in the direction of Zadobrova/Štajerska) on the Ljubljana Eastern Bypass, presumably until 26 April. During this period, the main and the fast lanes will be closed during the night, from 21:00 to 5:00, and traffic towards Zadobrova/Štajerska will run on a single lane (the rightmost) only. During the day, from 5:00 to 21:00, the fast lane will be closed and traffic in the tunnel tube towards Zadobrova/Štajerska will take place on two lanes; occasional short delays are possible. Work in the tunnel tube towards Zadobrova is expected to be completed by 25 April, after which work in the tube towards Malence/Dolenjska will begin.
Due to the construction of a connecting road between the expressway and the Markovec Tunnel, the traffic regime at the Koper – Izola section has changed at the end of the expressway in Koper, between Semedela and Žusterna. Two-way traffic is running on one half of the expressway; the Semedela exit towards Ljubljana is closed.
The road at the Arja vas – Šentrupert section is being reconstructed. Due to the roadwork, the Šempeter slip road in the direction of Ljubljana has also been closed (bypass is possible via the Šentrupert slip road). On approximately 2.5 km of the road, two-way traffic runs along three narrowed lanes on one half of the motorway. We adapt the road closure according to traffic flow, with two lanes being open in the direction of peak traffic (two lanes towards Maribor from Friday mornings and two towards Ljubljana on Sunday afternoons; two lanes towards Ljubljana during the morning rush on workdays and two towards Maribor during the afternoon rush).
Due to the construction of noise barriers between the Celje-East and Dramlje slip roads, traffic over a distance of approximately 6 km in both directions is running along two narrowed lanes, with one lane towards Maribor being diverted to the opposite side of the motorway.
Noise barriers are also being constructed at the Celje-West Arja vas sections, which is why the slow lane and a part of the main lane in the direction of Ljubljana are closed. On approximately 400 m of the road towards Ljubljana, traffic runs along two narrowed lanes.
On Saturday, 25 April, the regional road R2-451, Arja vas – Žalec, at the section near the Arnovski forest, will be completely closed due to tree cutting in this area
There will be maintenance work in the Karavanke Tunnel from Thursday to Sunday morning (24/25 April and 25/26 April) from 20:00 to 5:00. This means that alternating one-way traffic will be implemented with a waiting period outside the tunnel.
Before heading out on the road, check the traffic conditions at (also available for mobile devices at, at the toll-free telephone number 080 22 44, or by calling the Traffic Information Centre at 1970/+386 1 518 8 518.
We wish you pleasant and, above all, safe driving.

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