Traffic Forecast until 12 August

Tuesday, August 9, 2016 4:50:00 PM

Due to holidays we are expecting increased traffic flow on the roads between Austria and Croatia and between Italy and Croatia for the following weekend from Friday, to Monday, in August.

Traffic congestion is expected between the end of the A4 Podravska Motorway and the Gruškovje border crossing in the direction of Croatia. We recommend taking alternative routes. More information is available on the following link.

On Friday afternoons, traffic congestion is expected along the entire Western Ljubljana bypass towards Primorska and at the border crossings with Croatia. On Saturdays and Sundays, increased traffic is expected in the opposite direction, from Croatia and the Slovenian coast towards Austria, and from other tourist destinations towards the interior of the country as well. On Saturdays, extended traffic congestion is expected before the Karavanke Tunnel, at the Istrian border crossings and at Gruškovje. Very heavy traffic is expected also in the direction of Hungary

During the traffic congestion, we recommend using less busy border crossings, such as: Dobovec, Zavrč, Sočerga, and Petrina. We advise you to travel early in the morning or late in the evening.


Extensive reconstruction works are being carried out on the Northern Ljubljana bypass. The traffic between Tomačevo and Celovška Road runs on two narrowed lanes in both directions. Until 4 August 2016 the Ljubljana – North junction from the direction of Zadobrova and the Industrial zone – Ljubljana Šiška junction (entry in the direction of Koseze) will be closed due to the abovementioned works.

Traffic for goods vehicles weighing over 7.5 tonnes between Štajerska and Primorska regions and in the opposite direction, is redirected to the Eastern and the Southern Ljubljana bypass. 


On the section between Logatec and Razdrto, works are expected to take place on the emergency lane (works on the steel security fence). They will be carried out until the middle of August, from 5 AM to 9 PM.

Extensive reconstruction works are taking place on the Arja vas (Žalec)–Šempeter section. The traffic will run on two (narrowed) lanes in both directions until approximately 23 August. 


In August, DARS will carry out the planned reconstruction works of the electrical hardware in the covered cut Maribor on the expressway through Maribor. The traffic will run in only one direction. In the end of August, the road will be completely closed for a few days. A detour will be arranged via the municipal roads. The works will be carried out in the covered cut Pobrežje, right before the road passes over the two-storey bridge over the Drava River.  The carriageway in the direction of Ljubljana will be closed for traffic for the first week, whereas the carriageway in the direction of Šentilj will be closed for the second week. Detours will be arranged either via Melje through the city centre or via Pobrežje. More information is provided on the following link.  

We would like to issue a warning of an increased number of goods vehicles in front of the Karavanke Tunnel towards Austria on Monday. During the traffic congestion, the traffic at the Hrušica exit will be disrupted as well.
Extensive renovation works have started on the A2 Gorenjska Motorway section between Kranj and Brnik, which will last until the middle of October. The traffic will run on two narrowed lanes in both directions after the set-up of the road block from Monday, 8 August, onwards. The Kranj – East junction in the direction of Jesenice will be closed from Monday, 8 August, to the end of August. During the set-up of the road block from Friday, 5 August, to Monday, 8 August, the traffic will be disrupted in the direction of Ljubljana. It is occasionally going to run on one lane, therefore occasional traffic congestion is expected to occur.

Until approximately 6 August the works between KR – West and KR – East junctions are going to take place in both directions (management of intervention crossings). Traffic will run on two narrowed lanes. 

Before setting out on a trip, check the conditions on the roads.

Traffic Calendar via the hyperlink.

Do not travel during times of intense heat and high traffic density. Make sure you travel with properly loaded cargo, well rested, and with enough fluids (bottles of water).
The following sections will be closed due to events:
- 7 August 2016 from 11 AM to 7 PM, up to 30 minutes at once in the stated time, on the (Dragarji) Zgornji Čačič – Osilnica road, due to the ‘KNK Longboard Camp 2016’ event.
- 6 August 2016 from 08:50 to 09:10 on the Izlake – Zagorje and Zagorje – Bevško roads,
due to the cycling event ‘Ascent to the Zasavska Sveta gora Hill 2016’.
- 6 August 2016 from 6 PM to 7 PM, on the Izlake – Zagorje road, due to the running event ‘The 12th Run across the Zagorje Valley’.
- From 6 August 2016 from 10 PM to 7 August 2016 to 4 AM, on the Izlake – Zagorje road in Zagorje, due to the ‘Night of Zagorje’ event. 

More information:

• Check your route via the website;
• Call the operator on 1970/+386 1 518 8 518, Traffic Information Centre for Public Roads (PIC);
• Use the automatic telephone answering machine for the traffic conditions on motorways: 080 22 44;
• The mobile application DarsPromet+;
Twiter @DARS_si;
• Visit the ‘Vozimo pametno’ Facebook page;
• Monitor the traffic information on the radio stations.

Did you know that SOS columns alongside the motorway, maintained by DARS on a monthly basis, can save your life during abnormal events when you get stuck in the middle of the motorway? Even though nearly every driver carries a smartphone with him or her these days, an emergency call from the column is still the preferable option.

We wish you a pleasant and safe trip!


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