Traffic Forecast until 14 Avgust

Thursday, August 6, 2015 10:33:10 AM

Traffic Forecast until 14 August

This weekend will be characterized by the peak of the tourist season, nice sunny weather and high temperatures; therefore, our roads will be filled with vehicles. Traffic will be heaviest on Saturday, from morning to afternoon, and a bit lighter on Sunday. Sunday would thus be a good day to go on vacation, if possible. Throughout August, traffic congestion on routes towards tourist destinations are expected every weekend, especially from Austria and Italy in the direction of the Slovenian and Croatian Istria.

Heavy traffic and severe congestion are expected on Saturday until late afternoon on the A1/A4, Šentilj - Maribor - Ptuj motorway towards Croatia, at the end of the motorway near Draženci, on the Ptuj–Gruškovje main road and all the way to the Gruškovje border crossing, where wait times for crossing the Slovenia–Croatia border will be relatively long. Heavy traffic is also expected during the night from Friday to Saturday.

As for the A2 motorway, severe traffic congestions will occur this weekend on the Slovenian and Austrian sides of the Karawanks Tunnel.From the direction of Ljubljana, an increase in traffic is expected from the Lesce motorway exit and along the R1-209 Lesce–Bled regional road.

High traffic density is expected, especially on Saturday morning:
- on the A2 western Ljubljana bypass from the Gorenjska Region towards the Primorska Region;
- on the A1 motorway, Ljubljana–Koper and Koper–Ljubljana;
- on the A1 southern Ljubljana bypass, Ljubljana Centre towards Koper;
- at the Kozarje junction (A1/A2), on the Ljubljana bypass from the Dolenjska and Gorenjska Regions towards the Primorska Region.
Along the roads to the sea, congestion is expected:
- at the end of the H6 Koper–Izola expressway and along the G2-111 Izola–Portorož–Sečovlje road towards the Sečovlje border crossing;
- on the H5 Škofije–Koper expressway;
- on the G1-11 road, from the Koper-Centre (Slavček) exit towards the Dragonja border crossing;
- on the G1-6 Postojna–Pivka–Ilirska Bistrica road towards the Jelšane border crossing;
- at the G1-7 Kozina–Podgrad–Starod border crossing section.

Traffic will increase significantly during the night from Friday to Saturday. Congestion in the direction of the Starod border crossing will begin early on Saturday morning.
In the west-east direction, heavy traffic and traffic congestion are expected at the end of the A5 motorway before the Pince border crossing towards Hungary, mainly on Friday night and Saturday morning. In south-north direction, heavy traffic and traffic congestion are expected at the end of the A2 motorway before the Obrežje border crossing towards Croatia.
Please note that increase in traffic towards the centre of the country is expected on Saturday during the day and in particular on Sunday from afternoon to evening, especially along coastal roads and on the A1 motorway. 
We recommend that you plan longer journey times and prepare alternative roads and scheduled stops in advance.
In order to be more alert and secure behind the wheel, start your journey rested and refreshed and when the heat is less intense. Drive a roadworthy vehicle and drink enough fluid, preferably water.
In the case of an accident during congestion, go to the edge of your lane to make enough room in the middle, allowing the emergency vehicles to access the injured more quickly.
You can check the traffic conditions at (for mobile devices at, via the free answering system for road conditions on the motorways: 080 22 44, by following us at or by calling our Traffic Information Centre (PIC) for advice, on the short telephone number 1970 or on 00386 1/518-8-518.
We wish you pleasant and, above all, safe driving.


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