Traffic forecast until 18 July 2019

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On Saturday, 13 July, the summer holidays will begin in a part of Germany (North Rhine - Westphalia), a part of the Netherlands and in Switzerland. This will additionally contribute to the increase of traffic in the direction of the Slovenian and Croatian coasts and back at the end of the week and even on Monday. Rest stops and parking spaces are also expected to be busier than usual. Friday afternoon and Saturday morning will be the busiest.

Congestion is especially expected at the start of the week at the Karavanke and Šentilj border crossings due to the increased freight traffic and Austrian border controls.

Planned Works

Constant regular maintenance works are being carried out on the roads (filling cracks, mowing works, the rehabilitation of drainage shafts, barrier repair works, etc.), and works at the following toll booth areas will have an additional effect on traffic flow: Dob, Lukovica, Prepolje, Kozina, Tepanje, Videž and Vransko.more

A2 motorway Ljubljana - Obrežje

Traffic between Ivančna Gorica and Bič is running in both directions on half of the motorway, where it is being regulated by switching the number of traffic lanes based on the flow of traffic. Congestion is possible.

From 11 July to 16 July, construction works (rehabilitation of three drainage shafts) will be carried out on the Ivančna Gorica-Bič and Bič-Trebnje vzhod road sections in the direction of Novo mesto:  

  • on Thursday, 11 July from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., closure of the travel and deceleration lanes;
  • on Monday, 15 July from 4 a.m. to 7 p.m., closure of the express lane;
  • on Tuesday, 16 July from 4 a.m. to 7 p.m., closure of the express lane.

    A1 motorway Ljubljana - Maribor 

Due to the removal of the toll booth, the exit lane from the direction of Ljubljana and the entry junction at Lukovica in the direction of Ljubljana will remain closed. Traffic to the rest area remains unaffected. Works will be carried out by 23 July 2019.

Due to the demolition of the toll booth and the renovation of the road, the road closure between Vransko and Šentrupert is approx. 4 km long. The scheduled completion date of the works is in the second half of July.

Closure of the travel and auxiliary lanes is planned between 15 and 24 July between the Celje vzhod and Slovenske Konjice junctions in the direction of Maribor. Traffic will run on the express lane. Rehabilitation works on expansion joints will be carried out.

Due to the removal of the Tepanje toll booth, the traffic arrangement will be changed by switching the number of traffic lanes based on the flow of traffic. The entry junction at Slovenske Konjice in the direction of Maribor remains closed. From 1 to 11 August, the junction at Slovenske Konjice (in both directions) will be closed.

A1 motorway Ljubljana - Koper

From Wednesday, 10 July, from 5.30 p.m., to Thursday, 11 July, until 5 a.m., traffic on the Senožeče - Nanos section in the direction of Ljubljana will run on the express lane only due to emergency repair works on the expansion joints.

The entry and exit junctions at Kozina in the direction of Ljubljana remain closed. A detour runs through the Kastelec junction.

Roadworks in the framework of road reconstruction in the wider area of the former Videž toll booth platform are being carried out. The road will remain closed until the end of July or until the roadworks are concluded.

The entry section of the Slavček junction is closed from the main road onto the H6 expressway in the direction of Izola. The road closure is due to the increased traffic flow during the tourist season. This section will remain closed until the end of September 2019.

H4 expressway Nanos junction - Vrtojba

Due to the construction of test fields for wind protection, traffic between the Nanos junction and the Vipava junction will run on one lane in each direction until the end of July.

Some other roads

Changes to the traffic arrangement for goods vehicles over 7.5 tonnes in weight on the Postojna - Jelšane and Kozina - Starod roads, more.

A full road closure is in effect on the regional road between Primskovo and Britof due to the construction of the roundabout; the closure will remain in effect until the end of July 2019. A detour is possible on local roads. 

An overview of the current construction works and other events on motorways and other state roads is available at the following link:


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There will be a festival in Laško between 11 and 14 July. Some roads will have a changed traffic arrangement due to the event. 
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