Traffic Forecast until 19 August

Friday, August 12, 2016 2:20:48 PM

Due to the long-weekend (Monday is a holiday), traffic volume will be larger than in previous weeks from Austria and Italy towards the Slovenian and Croatian coasts. More traffic is to be expected in urban centres and tourist destinations in Slovenia. Congestion will therefore begin on Friday on the Ljubljana bypass from the Upper Carniola region towards the coast and at the Croatian border throughout the weekend. In addition, we expect the return of a higher number of tourists especially towards Austria, therefore more congestion will be at the Karavanke tunnel where Austrian border control is causing an extra delay. Due to the holiday on Monday there will be restrictions on freight transport in Croatia, Austria, Italy, Germany, and Slovenia.

We expect congestion to form at the end of the A4 highway and all the way towards the Gruškovje border crossing point. We advise drivers to take alternative routes. During congestion we advise using less busy border crossing points with Croatia, e.g. Dobovec, Zavrč, Sočerga, and Petrina. We advise you set off early in the morning or in the evening, avoiding heat waves and traffic congestion. Information regarding estimated traffic loads can be found on the traffic calendar.



Major renovation works are being performed on the A2 highway between Kranj and Brnik (rest area Voklo - Kranj zahod), which shall take place by mid-September. Traffic runs on two narrow lanes on both sides. Access point Kranj-vzhod in the direction of Jesenice will be closed until the end of August. More information here.


Extensive restoration works are being performed on the H3 north Ljubljana bypass. Traffic between Tomačevo and Celovška cesta is running both ways on two narrow lanes. Access point Bežigrad in the direction of Styria will be closed by approx. 16 August, namely the exit towards Dunajska cesta and entry from Dunajska cesta towards Styria. From 17 to 25 August (approx.) the access point Bežigrad shall open and access points Savlje (entry point onto the bypass from the direction of Styria) and Šiška industrial zone (exit point from the bypass in the same direction) shall close.

Traffic for freight vehicles above 7.5t between Styria and the coastal region and vice versa is being redirected onto the eastern and southern Ljubljana bypass.


Works on the emergency lane between Logatec and Razdrto are to be carried out (work will be performed on the safety iron railing). Works shall be performed by mid-August, between 5am and 9pm.


There are restoration works being performed on the section Arja vas (Žalec)–Šempeter. Traffic shall run both ways on two narrow lanes, probably until 23 August. More: here.


Planned restoration works on the electrical hardware are to be performed on the motorway through Maribor. Currently, the Maribor tunnel towards Šentilj is closed. A detour is in place. Works shall commence in the tunnel on Pobrežje just before the entry onto the two-level bridge across the river Drava. The carriageway towards Šentilj is closed. Detours are planned via Melje through the city centre or via Pobrežje. More information here.

EVENTS, road closures:

- Most na Soči - Ušnik, complete - with detours, 13 August between 4pm and 9pm (jump challenge);

- Ušnik - Plave, partial - one-way alternate traffic, 14 August from 3pm to 6pm (water jumps);

- Štanjel - Dutovlje, complete - no detour, 14 August from 3pm to 4pm (event);

- Gorenja vas - Ljubljanica, complete - no detour, 14 August from 9am to 9pm (mountain speed race);

- Poljana - Šentvid (Črna na Koroškem), complete - with detour, 13 August from 5pm to 6pm and from 6.15pm to 7.15pm (marathon) and 15 August from 8am to 7pm (fair);

- Grad - Kuzma, complete - with detour, 15 August from 5am to 4pm (fair);

- Renkovci - Črenšovci, complete - with detour, 15 August from 7am to 2pm (holiday-fair event);

- Dobruška vas - Šentjernej, complete - no detour, 15 August from 9:30am to 10:30am (cycling marathon).


Before you start your journey, check the traffic info. We recommend:

• route check on the website;

• operator call on 1970, traffic information centre for state roads (PIC);

• usage of automatic telephone responder on highway traffic conditions: 080 22 44;

• mobile application DarsPromet+;

Twiter @DARS_si;

• the Facebook page Vozimo pametno;

• traffic information on radio stations.

A reminder to all that Article 30 of the Act of Rules in Road Transport states that motorised vehicles driving on highways and motorways with two or more traffic lanes in one direction have to drive on the far right-hand lane, which is not occupied by vehicles in the column (7). In addition, pedestrians are not allowed to step or walk on highways or motorways (15). Statistics show that highway drive lanes are often empty and there is an increased number of pedestrians on highways. A fine of 150 EUR is imposed on the driver or pedestrian who acts in contradiction with the above mentioned provisions.

We wish you a safe trip.

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