Traffic forecast until 20 January

Thursday, January 12, 2017 8:05:00 PM

We do not expect any significant traffic increases in the coming week. Drivers are being warned of snow weather forecastsnow will affect the traffic. Drivers are being advised to provide enough safety distance, expect extended travel times, plan journeys ahead of time, and use winter equipment.

Traffic problems are expected especially on slopes where vehicles not equipped to travel through snow and ice may experience slippage due to heavy snowfall. In such case, the drivers of goods vehicles could be removed from the motorway(s).  

Traffic instructions: Prepare your vehicle for winter conditions, monitor traffic information, and expect extended travel times. It is important to have enough fuel in the vehicle and warm clothes. More information is available at winter conditions.

Please provide for
the safe transportation of your luggage. Many items were lost on the motorway(s) in recent days (skis, bicycles, etc.).


Before you start your journey, please check the road conditions via

 the website; 

 the operator on the number 1970, Traffic Information Centre for Public Roads (PIC), or by calling the answering machine 080 22 44;  

 mobile applications DarsTraffic+

 social networks (@DARS_si in;

 monitor traffic information radio stations.

  Traffic Information Centre for Public Roads!


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