Traffic forecast until 21 August 2015

Friday, August 14, 2015 5:31:35 AM

The end of the week is expected to bring an increase in traffic, especially towards the Slovenian and Croatian Istria at the border crossings at Dragonja, Sečovlje, Starod and Jelšane; congestion, albeit of decreased severity, is also expected on the A4 Podravska motorway toward the Gruškovje border crossing. Due to the increasing number of tourists returning from vacations, the traffic will increase in both directions on the A1 Primorska motorway and on the A2 Gorenjska motorway, on both the Slovenian and Austrian sides of the Karavanke tunnel.

An increase in traffic from the direction of Ljubljana is to be expected from the Lesce motorway exit along the R1-209 Lesce-Bled regional road, and on the R2-452 Lesce-Črnivec road towards Brezje.

On Saturday, 15. August, there is a holiday in Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Italy and some regions of Germany, while the weekend also marks the end of the summer holidays in the north of the Netherlands.

An increase in traffic can be expected as early as Friday in the afternoon; the traffic density will be highest from the morning to the afternoon on Saturday and in the afternoon and evening on Sunday, especially on the roads of the Slovenian Istria and on the A1 Primorska motorway towards the country interior.

On Wednesday, 19. 8., an increased number of cargo vehicles is expected to be driving from Italy to Hungary because of the holiday on Thursday in Hungary.

Traffic congestion is to be expected on the roads toward the coast:
- at the end of the H6 Koper-Izola expressway and then along the G2-111 Izola-Portorož-Sečovlje road leading to the Sečovlje border crossing;
- on the G1-11 road from Šmarje to Koper – possibly also in the reverse direction;
- on the G1-11 road from the Koper - center exit (Slavček) towards the Dragonja border crossing;
- on the G1-6 Postojna-Pivka-Ilirska Bistrica towards the Jelšane border crossing;
- on the Kozina-Podgrad-border crossing section of G1-7 at Starod.


The Vransko-Blagovica section towards Maribor will remain closed between 21h in the evening on Thursday and 5h in the morning on Friday, 14 August, due to the reconstruction works in the Trojane tunnel. Between the Vransko and Blagovica motorway slip roads, the traffic will therefore be diverted onto the parallel regional road; the Trojane slip road in both direction will be closed as well.

On the section between Blagovica and the Podmilj tunnel, reconstruction work is being carried out on the viaducts. The traffic is running along two narrowed lanes in both directions; the lane towards Maribor runs on the opposite side of the motorway. The work will be completed by the end of August.

On the section between Dramlje and Celje - centre slip roads, the traffic is running along two narrowed lanes in both directions due to the construction of noise barriers; the lane towards Ljubljana runs on the opposite side of the motorway. The noise barrier construction on the motorway section between Celje and Dramlje is expected to continue until October 2015.

On the section between Ivančna Gorica and Višnja Gora, the fast lane is closed in both directions due to preparatory works. The fast lane closure is approximately a kilometre long and due to the construction of a crossing through the central reservation; the traffic is expected to run along two narrowed lanes in both directions until and including the 17 August. On 17 August, a new blockade is projected to be set up to accommodate the reconstruction of a 6.4-kilometre section of the motorway, which is expected to take three months. The traffic will run along three narrowed lanes on one half of the motorway. The blockade will adapt to traffic conditions by allocating two of the lanes in the direction of the increased peak flow of traffic (on workday mornings, two of the lanes will run in the direction of Ljubljana, while in the afternoon, two lanes will be allocated to traffic in the direction of Novo Mesto).

The changing weather conditions can influence various events and other factors and can therefore affect your travel plans. We recommend that you plan for longer journey times and prepare alternative routes and scheduled stops in advance.
Start your journey well-rested, at a time of less intense heat; this way, you will be more alert and your driving will be safer. Make sure that the vehicle has no technical faults and that you have enough fluids to drink, preferably water.

In case of an accident-related traffic jam, move your vehicle towards the side of your lane in order to leave a corridor for ambulances and rescue vehicles.

You can check the traffic conditions at (for mobile devices, via the free answering system for road conditions on the motorways: 080 22 44, by following us at si or by calling our Traffic Information Centre (PIC) for advice on the short telephone number 1970 or on 00386 1/518-8-518.

We wish you a pleasant and, above all, safe drive.

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