Traffic forecast until 3 February

Monday, January 30, 2017 5:31:51 AM

Due to the winter holidays in the majority of Europe, heavy traffic towards and away from tourist destinations is expected at the end of January and the beginning of February, particularly during the weekends. 

Tourist instructions

Lorry and other drivers are instructed to clean the snow from their vehicles and make sure they are roadworthy (lights, turn signals). In the coming days, slow down due to the morning fog that is forecast in lowlands and basins, and adjust your speed in the Primorska region to the bora wind forecast for Thursday and Friday in weak to moderate gusts. Pedestrians are reminded of the danger of icicles falling from buildings and potential slips on icy surfaces.

If your vehicle breaks down on a motorway or highway, please take care of your own

Travel plans may need to be quickly changed due to low temperatures, fog, snow and the bora wind in the last period, which may also worsen the driving conditions on roads. Thus we suggest monitoring the traffic information constantly and be prepared to deal with potential scenarios.


Before you go, check out the traffic situation: 

• by visiting the website

 • by calling 1970, the call centre of the Traffic information centre for national roads or the operator on 080 22 44;  

 • using the app DarsPromet+;

 • on social media (@DARS_si and;

 • by listening to radio traffic reports.

 The Traffic information centre for national roads wishes you a safe and pleasant journey.


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