Traffic Forecast until 4 November 2016

Friday, October 28, 2016 5:25:38 AM

With the start of autumn school holidays and public holidays in most of Europe, increased traffic can be expected in the direction of tourist destinations and back, especially at the weekend.

On 1 November, there will be traditionally increased traffic near cemeteries and special traffic regimes will be in effect in some places so drivers should follow the instructions of the police and other authorities.

Due to the holiday in Austria, an increase in freight vehicles at border crossings with Austria, especially at the Karavanke Tunnel, can be expected on Thursday, 27 October. In Austria, winter equipment is mandatory from 1 November.

In Slovenia, a traffic restriction for freight vehicles above 7.5t will be in effect from Sunday, 30 October, to Tuesday, 1 November. Increased freight traffic is predicted on the Slovenian motorways before and after the restriction and longer waiting periods for freight vehicles are expected at border crossings with Croatia.



Two-way traffic on the Arja vas – Šentrupert section is running on the right half of the motorway along two narrowed lanes in both directions. This traffic regime is expected to be in place until 21 November. The Žalec exit towards Ljubljana will be closed presumably until 17:00 on Thursday, 27 October.


Main lanes towards Ljubljana will be closed due to the inspection of the Verd Viaduct on Saturday, 29 October, from 8:00 to 16:00, on the Logatec – Vrhnika section. On Sunday, 30 October, from 8:00 to 16:00, on the Postojna – Unec section in the Ravbarkomanda Viaduct.

On the section Senožeče – Razdrto towards Ljubljana, the fast lane will be closed until presumably 3 November; traffic is redirected along the emergency lane and the main lane.

From the beginning of November to 15 November, the fast lane will be closed on the section Senožeče – Razdrto towards Ljubljana; traffic will be redirected along the emergency lane and the main lane.


Traffic between the Kranj – West and Kranj – East slip roads (at the Rupovščica Viaduct) in the direction of Ljubljana will run along two narrowed lanes. 


Due to the additional construction on the Šmarje Sap slip road, the traffic regime on the section Ljubljana (Malence) – Šmarje Sap has been changed. The emergency lane will be closed until the end of 2016. Traffic will run along a narrowed main lane and along the fast lane.


On the R1, 210, Kranj (Primskovo – Labore), between the entry to the shopping centre and Cesta 1. maja, the road is partially closed due to roadworks until 5 November. During peak traffic hours, delays are possible between the roads Cesta Staneta Žagarja and Ljubljanska cesta (Labore) in both directions.

Winter equipment is mandatory on the Vršič Pass on the Kranjska Gora – Vršič – Trenta road.
Changes are possible in all planned roadworks.


On 30 October, certain roads in Ljubljana and its surroundings will be closed due to the marathon (Ljubljana Marathon) ... more.

On Sunday, 30 October, from 8:00 to 13:00, on the H3 northern Ljubljana bypass, the Ljubljana – North/Vodnikova cesta slip road will be closed. The detour runs along the Ljubljana – Centre slip road (Ljubljana Marathon).

R2-402, Solkan – Gonjače, two-way traffic for all vehicles, on Saturday and Sunday until 30 October, from 10:00 to 17:30 (Soča River Bridge Jumping 2016).


Drivers are advised to be careful in fog and the resulting poor visibility, humidity, slippery roads, and longer braking distances.

The prescribed winter equipment becomes mandatory for motor vehicles and trailers in road traffic in Slovenia on 15 November. We recommend that you check what is required at your destination before you start your journey or travel to a different country.


Before you start your journey, check the traffic info. We recommend:

• route check on the website;
• operator call on 1970, Traffic Information Centre for State Roads (PIC) or the automatic telephone responder on 080 22 44;
• the mobile application DarsTraffic+;
• social networks (@DARS_si and;
• traffic information on radio stations.

We wish you a safe trip.

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