Traffic forecast until 6 June 2019

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Traffic will already increase significantly on Wednesday, 29 May in the afternoon and evening hours, and on Thursday, 30 May, from Austria in the direction of Central Slovenia and further down to the Littoral region and Croatia. Traffic in the opposite direction will be increased on Sunday and Monday. Thursday is a national holiday and an extended weekend in Austria, a major part of Germany, and parts of Switzerland.

The increased traffic will especially affect the morning rush hours. Especially on roads from Upper Carniola and Styria in the direction of Ljubljana.

We also expect congestion at the border crossings with Croatia.

On Thursday afternoon, 30 May, and on Friday morning, 31 May, there will be a higher number of goods vehicles at the border crossings with Austria.

Based on the favourable weather forecast at the end of the week, we are expecting significantly more traffic also in the direction of tourist places and back.

We would already like to warn drivers about very dense traffic at the end of next week because of the Whitsun holidays and school holidays in certain European countries.

Planned works

Due to the demolition of toll stations, several sections will have restricted traffic. More info at the link.

A1, A5, Šentilj - Ljubljana, Mura motorways

Due to the demolition of the toll station and renovation of the road, the road closure between Vransko and Šentrupert is approx. 4 km long. Traffic runs in two narrowed lanes in both directions. The scheduled completion date of the works is in the second half of July.

On the A1 motorway from Šentilj to Koper and on the A5 motorway from Maribor and Pince, a full road closure is expected on Thursday, 30 May (in the first phase, in the direction of Ljubljana) on the following sections: Pesnica – Dragučova, Dragučova – Lenart and Dragučova – Maribor (Ptujska). In the second phase (in the direction of Šentilj), works will be carried out on the following sections: Pesnica – Dragučova, Dragučova – Lenart Dragučova – MB (Ptujska) and Dragučova – MB (Ptujska). The first phase of works and the full road closure will continue from 30 May 2019 up to and including 6 June 2019, while the second phase will continue from 11 June up to and including 19 June 2019. We will restore the bridge over the Drava river, the Malečnik tunnel, the Vodole tunnel and the Vodole I-V viaduct.

Due to non-scheduled transport, part of the rest area at the location of Murska Sobota in the direction of Maribor will be temporarily closed until 12 June 2019. Motorway users will be unable to access the parking platform for heavy goods vehicles. Fuel supply will be possible, and a smaller platform next to the fuel station will be open for short breaks and accessible to all users.

A1, Ljubljana - Koper motorway

Construction works are taking place on the road section between Razdrto and Gabrk in both directions. Traffic in each direction runs on one travel lane of 3.5 m in width. No special transport of larger dimensions can be made. This traffic arrangement will be in place until the start of June.

On Thursday, 30 May, a full road closure on the section Divača - Kozina and Kozina - Črni Kal in the direction of Koper is expected. Traffic from Ljubljana in the direction of Koper will be diverted via the central passageway and onto the opposing direction carriageway, where it shall run in both directions. Traffic will run on two travel lanes in the direction of Koper and on one travel lane in the direction of Ljubljana until Sunday, 2 June.

From Sunday afternoon, 2 June, to Thursday afternoon, 6 June, the road closure will be arranged in such a way as to allow two travel lanes in the direction of Ljubljana and one travel lane in the direction of Koper. Then another switch - 2 lanes in the direction of Koper and 1 in the direction of Ljubljana. The road closure is necessary due to the continuation of road reconstruction works at the wider area of the former CP Videž platform. This road closure will be in effect by and including 29 June 2019.

Note for transport of exceptional dimensions:

From Thursday night, 30 May, until Sunday morning, 2 June, special transport of up to 5.5 m in width will be allowed in the direction of Koper, and up to 3.5 m in width in the opposite direction. From Sunday afternoon, 2 June, when the traffic arrangement will shift, and until Thursday morning, 6 June, special transport of up to 5.5 m in width will be allowed in the direction of Ljubljana, and up to 3.5 m in width in the opposite direction. Such a weekly shift in the traffic arrangement will apply until the end of the road closure.

A2, Ljubljana - Obrežje motorway

Due to the construction of gantry foundations in the framework of the demolition of CP Dob, construction works are planned to take place until 30 June on the road section of Ivančna Gorica - Bič in both directions. Traffic will run in the travel and fast lanes during the road closure.

Due to the demolition of the Drnovo toll station and the reconstruction of the road between Dobruška vas and Brežice (on a length of approx. 8 km), traffic in both directions runs on the rightmost half. The Drnovo junction will be closed in both directions until 14 June 2019.

H4, Vipava expressway

Due to the construction of test fields for wind protection, traffic, on a length of 7 km between the Nanos junction and the Vipava junction in the direction of Vrtojba (Italy), will mostly run on the second half of the fast lane in both directions, on one lane in each direction.

Other roads

Change of traffic arrangement for goods vehicles over 7.5 tonnes of weight on the roads Postojna - Jelšane and Kozina - Starod, as of 1 June 2019, more info here.

Due to the reconstruction of the support wall on the left edge of the state road R1-206, Ruska cesta (Erika - Vršič), the road across Vršič will have a special traffic arrangement from 30 May to 6 July 2019. More information at the link.

The Solkan - Plave bike path is closed at the Solkan bridge due to a rockslide, more info at the link.


- On Saturday, 1 June, 14:30 - 18:30, full road closure on the section - Kranjska Gora - Vršič, bicycle ride, Goni Pony. During the full road closure, traffic will run through the Predel and Rateče crossings.
- On Saturday, 1 June 2019 between 7:00 and 14:00, bicycle event on the following route: Ljubljana,  Tržaška  cesta (Viški center – 8:30 start) - Vrhnika (9:08) - Logatec (9:43) - Kalce  (9:50)  -  Godovič  (10:15) - Črni vrh - Col - Ajdovščina - Nova Gorica - Solkan - Dobrovo (KZ Goriška Brda – 13:35).
- 7 June - 9 June (bicycle race Marathon Franja). Several roads will be closed, we recommend you to check the track and the detailed information on road closures.

An overview of current construction works and other events on motorways and other state roads is available at the following link:


Joining the motorway should always be careful and safe. More at link.

Traffic information
Before you set off, check the traffic information via:
-              the website
-              the operators at 1970 (the number is not free of charge) or the automated telephone information service 080 22 44 (free of charge)
-              the mobile app DarsPromet+
-              social media (Twitter @promet_si and
-             by listening to traffic reports on radio stations.
- TV traffic forecast at the link.

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Novelty: New control points on motorways, more info.

The Traffic Information Centre for Public Roads wishes you a pleasant and safe drive.








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