Traffic forecast until June 12th

Friday, June 5, 2015 5:28:30 AM

In Austria and most of Germany, today is a public holiday and due to the extended weekend, a strong increase in traffic is expected on our motorways. The weather forecast is also good, so from today onwards an increase in traffic is predicted predominantly towards the Slovenian and Croatian Istria, as well as on Friday afternoon when the traffic will be concentrated on the section of the highway between Koper and Izola, together with the Markovec tunnel; on the newly built section, the traffic is expected to start in late evening hours.

On Sunday, June 7th, in some states of Germany (Bavaria, Baden-Wuertemberg) the holidays are ending, so in the afternoon and evening we expect an increase in traffic from Croatia towards Austria and from tourist destinations towards the urban centres. Congestion may also occur at traffic bottlenecks (especially at border crossings with Croatia and at the Karavanke tunnel).

On Sunday, June 7th, during the day, when the traffic loads are at their lowest, traffic is occasionally disrupted for urgent maintenance work in the area of Ljubljana’s south Ring Road at the Vič junction.

In general, the roadwork season is at its peak, so please be particularly cautious. When passing worksites, please observe the traffic signals and driving speed limit.


On the Šentrupert - Arja vas - Celje section, a reconstruction of the roadway and roadway facilities towards Maribor is taking place. For more than five kilometres, the traffic runs on two narrowed lanes in each direction, while towards Maribor one lane runs on the opposite side of the motorway, parallel to the construction site. During the works, which will be carried out until the beginning of August, the Arja vas and Celje West (Lopata) junctions in the direction of Maribor will be alternately closed, each for ten days, which the motorway users will be duly informed about.
On Saturday, June 6th, the Žalec junction will be partially closed, with the closure of the motorway exit and its approach in the direction from Ljubljana to Maribor. The junction will be closed in this direction for more than seven days; the detour will be arranged via the Celje West (Lopata) junction.
At the Hrušica toll station, no later than 15th June, the complete closure of the section of the Karavanke truck road is expected due to the restoration of the road overpass (both the motorway exit and approach to the platform for trucks are closed in both directions).
On the Primorska motorway, from Postojna to Razdrto, next week (on Tuesday, June 9th) there will be a one-day urgent repair of the roadway. Traffic in the direction of Koper will use just one lane. Works will start in the early morning and end before the afternoon rush hour, but it will not be possible to avoid delays.
R2-404, Podgrad - Ilirska Bistrica, in the area where it crosses the Pivka - Ilirska Bistrica railway line
Until 15th June 2015, the Podgrad - Ilirska Bistrica road is closed in Ilirska Bistrica, between the bridge over the Reka river and Vojkov Drevored. For semi-trailers and tow trucks in transit towards Postojna/Croatia and vice versa, a detour will be arranged through the Starod/Pasjak border crossing. Semi-trailers and tow trucks will be allowed to run on the G1-6 road as far as the Jelšane/Rupa border crossing. All semi-trailers and tow trucks traveling in the direction of or in the area between Postojna and Jelšane will be included in local traffic. For other vehicles, a detour will be arranged via the construction site and along the main G1-6 road, Pivka - Ilirska Bistrica.
Since we are expecting good weather in the next few days with relatively high temperatures, we recommend that you have enough beverages with you on the road at all times, especially if you are traveling with children or the elderly. Before the journey, please inquire about the actual condition on the roads you intend to travel on, as well as possible detours in case of accidents or long delays.
When you are already on your way, you can call our Traffic Information Centre (PIC) for advice, on the short telephone number 1970/Tel: +386 1 518 8 518.
Otherwise, you can check the road conditions on (for mobile devices on, via the free answering system for road conditions on motorways: 080 22 44 or by following us at /dars_si.
We wish you a pleasant and safe drive.
Traffic Information Centre for Public Roads
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