Traffic forecast until Thursday, 16 August 2018

Friday, August 10, 2018 4:06:00 AM

Due to the summer holidays around Europe until the end of August, we expect to have increased traffic on all weekends (from Friday to and including Monday), especially between Austria and Croatia in both directions. Due to Italian collective holidays, we expect to have increased traffic in Istria between Italy and Croatia as well as on the A1 motorway between Italy and Hungary. 

Drivers should expect longer waiting times, especially at border crossings with Croatia at Istria and at the Gruškovje border crossing in Styria. In the event of longer waiting times at Gruškovje, we recommend using the border crossings Zavrč and Središče ob Dravi.

Frequent congestions are to be expected in Upper Carniola at the Karavanke tunnel, in the direction of Austria. Due to increased checks and controls of the Austrian police, waiting times at the border crossings with Austria may also be longer elsewhere (Ljubelj and Šentilj).

On Wednesday, 15 August, there will be a national holiday in Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Italy, parts of Germany and Switzerland as well as Poland. It will also be the end of the summer holidays in parts of Germany.

On Tuesday, 14 August, and Thursday, 16 August, an increased number of goods vehicles are to be expected on the A1 motorway between Italy and Hungary.

An overview of border crossings with Croatia is accessible on the map at the website

Expected construction works and road closures

A1, H3, Ljubljana bypass

There are construction works at the eastern Ljubljana bypass between Bizovik to the Malence junction, where traffic is running on two narrowed lanes, a temporary traffic regulation is also at the section from the tunnel to the junction Ljubljana south where traffic is hindered.

From Saturday, 11 August 2018, 2pm, to Sunday, 15 August, 10pm, the road section leading from the Golovec tunnel to the south bypass (via Rudnik) on the eastern Ljubljana bypass will be closed for all traffic, due to the conclusion of construction works. More information at the link. All construction works will be concluded approx. by 16 August 2018.

A1, Ljubljana - Koper

At the former toll booth Log around the area of the current administration building, a plateau shall be worked on until approx. the end of September for the purpose of using this area in the future.

At the toll booth Vrhnika, works are being carried out for the demolition of the toll booth. From 10 August onward, there will be road closures on one lane in the direction of Vrhnika. A full road closure at the Vrhnika junction is expected between 17 and 20 August. Construction works will be concluded approx. at the end of August.

At the Verd viaduct in the direction of Koper, alternate closures of the slow and fast lanes will be made until 24 August between 7am and 5pm at the area of three traffic lanes, due to repairs within the warranty period.

The Logatec junction will be closed due to reconstruction and recovery works until the evening on 14 August.

 Reconstruction works are still being carried out at the viaduct Ravbarkomanda. Traffic is running on two narrowed lanes.

At the section Nanos Senožeče, in the direction of Ljubljana, the auxiliary lane will be closed until approx. 10 August due to construction works.

The on-ramp at the junction Koper - center, Slavček in the direction of Izola is closed. The on-ramp to the H6 expressway will remain closed until approx. 30 September.

H4, expressway through the Vipava Valley

Reconstruction works are being carried out at the H4 expressway at sections Vipava - Ajdovščina - Selo. Traffic is being run in both directions on one half of the expressway, one lane for each direction. The Ajdovščina junction, in the direction of Nanos, will be closed until approx. mid-August (both on-ramp and off-ramp will be closed).

Due to the repair works of the Boršt viaduct, the road in the direction of Vrtojba (Italy) between the toll booth Nanos and the cut and cover Rebrnice 1 will be closed. Traffic will run in both directions on the second half of the expressway.

A1, Ljubljana - Maribor

At the sectionbetween the junctions Celje zahod and Celje center in the direction of Maribor, construction works (replacement of noise barriers) will be carried out until approx. the end of August. Traffic will run on two narrowed lanes, traffic in the mentioned direction is also hindered at the junction Celje - center.

Due to urgent maintenance works at the section Šentjakob – Domžale in the direction of Maribor between Saturday, 11 August from 5am and 12 August, there will be a total closure of the auxiliary  and traffic lanes until approx. 4pm. Traffic will run on the express lane.

You can find an overview of other road construction works at (mark “Roadworks” left by the map).

Road closures due to events:

Saturday, 11 August 2018:
- G1-7, Obrov Kozina, 18:35 – 18:45, full closure (fire dept. parade).
- RT-904, Jezero Savica, 22:03-23:30, full closure (Midsummer night).
- R2-425, Poljana - Šentvid, from 17:00 to 18:00 and from 18:15 to 19:15, full closure (marathon).
- R3-603, Most na Soči Ušnik, from 15:00 to 21:00, from 15:00 to 21:00, full closure, detour (jumping).

Sunday, 12 August 2018:
- R2-407, Gorenja vas Ljubljanica, from 9:00 to 21:00, full closure (HCR Lučine).
- G2-103, Ušnik Plave, from 15:00 to 18:00, alternate one-way traffic (jumps from bridge at Kanal ob Soči).
- R1-204, Štanjel Dutovlje, from 15:00 to 16:00, full closure (event/holiday).
- R3-731, Polzela Parižlje Braslovče Male Braslovče, from 15:00 to 16:00, full closure (hop grower day).
- R2-447, Medlog- Arjava vas, 11:00 to 13:30, hindered traffic (triathlon).

Wednesday, 15 August 2018:
- R2-425, Poljana Šentvid, from 8:00 to 19:00, full closure with detour (fair).
- R3-726, Renkovci Črenšovci, from 7:00 to 14.00, full closure with detour (fair event).
-R2-407, Gorenja vas Ljubljanica, from 9:45 to 10:30, full closure (cycling event).
- R3-716, Grad - Kuzma, from 5:00 to 16:00, full closure with detour (fair).

R1-218, Črnomelj, from 17 August from 12:00 to 18 August 2018 to 12:00, full closure with detour (Črnfest).


According to ARSO we will have a refreshing week-end with rain until Monday, with temperatures of around 30 °C. Chances of precipitation will be higher from Tuesday on.


Safety distance is a distance which a vehicle passes in two seconds, from which the first second represents the reaction time of the driver before he starts to brake and the second represents the time of the vehicle braking.

More at the link.

Traffic information

Before you set off, check the traffic information via:
- the website at,
- PIC operator on the number 1970 (the number is not free of charge) or responder 080 22 44 (free of charge),
 - mobile application DarsPromet+,
- social media (Twitter @promet_si and,
- monitoring traffic information on radio stations.

We advise drivers to start their journeys at night or very early in the morning. You may find the traffic calendar a useful tool in planning your journey.

Have a nice and safe trip and a refreshing summer!

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