TMC Location Table
For the needs of the AlertC location referencing there is a publicly accessible TMC Location Table available which is certified by TISA and used as a standard location table in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia.
  • Location Table - DARS 702-35, version 1.1. Interchange format, version 2.2 (zip) - obsolete
  • Location Table - DARS 702-35, version 2.2. Interchange format, version 2.7 (zip)
  • Decision of the Ministry of Infrastructure on the application of the Location Table
For the needs of publishing traffic information in navigation devices a public RDS-TMC service was established. This service is available on all transmitters and UKV-FM frequencies of the first and second radio channel of RTV Slovenia. Location referencing uses the actual public TMC Location Table DARS 702-35. Service parameters:
  • PS=__PRVI__, PI=9201
  • PS=VAL_202_, PI=9202
  • You can find transmitter locations and frequencies of the above mentioned channels on:
For the needs of the B2B data exchange there are services and information available which are compatible with DATEXII standard, version 2.3. For the needs of location referencing the actual public TMC Location Table DARS 702-35 I used which also guarantees compatibility with the dynamic segmentation concept according to the BCP standard.
  • DATEXII Events profile
  • DATEXII Geodevices profile
  • DATEXII Truck parking profile
For the needs of the spatial display there is a geographic information system of the state road network available with an integrated TMC Location Table and the road database with the following contents:
  • Actual events and road works
  • Actual travel time
  • Traffic cameras
  • Traffic counters
  • Online access is available at:


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