A vehicle with or without cargo may exceed regulations on weight per axle, total weight, width, length and height. Transportation with these vehicles is defined as the Special Transport. This group also includes vehicles with or without cargo whose dimentions, weights and loads are within the allowed range but exceed in any one of the parameters, as indicated by traffic signs on a state road or its section.
The approval for special transport is required, which defines the method and conditions of the transport and the toll, charged for the transport. The approval for the special transport on state roads or state and local roads is issued by the Slovenian Roads Agency within 15 days after filing an application (find contact information here).
Slovenian Roads Agency notifies the Police, the Transport Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia, and the company in charge of maintenance of the road, where the special transport would be carried out. The application shall include the project of traffic arrangement or a precise description of the transport and a proposal for all the necessary measures for safety of the transport. The organizer of the transport is charged for all the costs stemming from the measures and eventual interventions.
Approval is not required for special transports which need to be made immediately for an intervention due to a natural disaster or other catastrophies, in special circumstances, and for the purpose of defence. The organizer of the transport is required to harmonize the course of the transport with the Slovenian Roads Agency and notify the police.
Organisation and realisation of international exceptional transports
Exceptional transports can be described as transports with vehicles that deviate from the statutory permitted axle load, total weight, width, length or height on their own or due to their cargo. They organise and carry out international exceptional transports by there in-house special-purpose vehicles and trailers. To this end, they acquire any permits and consents necessary to carry out exceptional transports on an international scale.