The beginning of the school year - drive carefully!

The beginning of the school year - drive carefully!

The beginning of the school year is approaching, when schools, kindergartens, playgrounds and other institutions and school routes will come back to life. Many preventive actions are taking place to increase the safety of children and to raise the awareness of drivers and other road users to be careful!

"Recommendations and the most important POLICE rules that children must know for a safe journey to school and home:

  • They can only cross the road at a pedestrian crossing and at a green light at a traffic light for pedestrians in the case of traffic lighted crossings.
  • On their way, they should use school paths with marked or signalized pedestrian crossings, overpasses and underpasses.
  • Before crossing the road, they must make sure that they have a clear path (look to the left, right and left again).
  • They must walk correctly on the pavement or on the correct side of the road edge where there is no pavement. They must not step onto the road suddenly.
  • When walking, they should be equipped with a flare, reflective tape or other reflective body or sticker.
  • They should use the cycle lane for cycling. The bike should be ridden slowly and carefully, with a cycling test and on a properly equipped bike.
  • They must use a protective bicycle helmet. This applies to all drivers and passengers on bicycles, up to the age of 18, including drivers of e-scooters."

We urge ALL drivers to be careful and predictable and to drive slowly past all educational, school and sports districts - everywhere - throughout the year!


Source: Police, PIC