Traffic safety in the summer months – tips for greater safety

Traffic safety in the summer months – tips for greater safety

In July, very heavy traffic is expected from Austria towards the border crossing points with Croatia and the coast, as well as in the opposite direction, especially from Thursdays to Mondays.

Slower traffic with congestion is also expected on the connecting roads to the border crossing points, along with busy rest areas and other areas. Occasional long queues will also slow down traffic in the local area, especially near tourist destinations (around pools, lakes, mountains, etc.) and near border crossing points.

Among the busier roads is the Ljubljana ring road (the Koseze and Kozarje interchanges) and further on towards Primorska, with occasional queues also occurring on the Podravje motorway between Podlehnik and the Gruškovje border crossing point. In Gorenjska, most of the congestion is expected between Lesce and Bled, Hrušica and Kranjska Gora, and in the area of the Karavanke tunnel. In Primorska, traffic jams are expected between Vrhnika and Brezovica, on the road between Postojna and Jelšane, Jagodje – Sečovlje and Koper – Šmarje – Dragonja. In Dolenjska, congestion is mainly expected in the direction of the Obrežje and Metlika border crossings, and in Štajerska between Pesnica and Šentilj.


Drivers are advised to plan their journey and set off rested and prepared, with a well-maintained vehicle and with plenty to drink. We also recommend that you follow traffic announcements. It is advised that you leave for work earlier than usual.


For trips, holidays, or crossing the border, we advise against going at the weekend, and to choose one of the smaller border crossing points and other less congested connecting roads, where there are significantly shorter waiting times or none at all.


Please be patient and careful. Good luck!