Privacy Policy

The team at Promet+ gives great importance to respecting your privacy, we treat your personal data with all due care and to protect them very carefully.

To get the most out of using Promet+ some of your personal data will be processed.


The purpose of this document is to give background information on data processing for different features available in the Promet+. The features of the Promet+ enable you to find places and addresses on a map, interact with them and access relevant content, as well as locate yourself on a map. With navigation you are able to find the optimal route to your destination,

We use this data in order to be able to provide our services. We do all we can to ensure your privacy. We make sure that your details are properly protected. Furthermore, we have taken measures to handle any location data extremely carefully 

The owner of Promet+

The owner of Promet+ is Motorway Company in the Republic of Slovenia (DARS). The adress is: Cesta XIV. Divizije 4, 3000 Celje.

About Promet+

With Promet+ you will always stay up-to-date with recent developments on all major roads in Slovenia. The application provides fresh information about traffic volume and travel times, other traffic information, road webcams, a list of rest areas and their offer. The application facilitates safe use while driving. For a smooth and safe yourney, check useful information about the toll system and the traffic forecast in traffic calendar. The application allows you to enter routes and to have an overview of all up-to-date traffic information displayed on a map of Slovenia.

The application uses cookies and other local data storing methods. Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit the service. Local data sotrage is used for saving your user settings and optimising the operation of the application.

If you don't want your data to be stored locally, delete the already stored data and disable storage in your browser's settings.

The use of this application is free of charge.

What data is collected?

When you use the app, some data will be processed by default and some by your ceration of the account. 

Data processed by default for all users:

-          Technical information about your phone.  (type of device used, one or more  technical identificators that are refer to your session and are being changed in 6 hous intervals).

-          Language.

-          Subject to your giving the relevant consent in the app, we also process the following data for all users, regardless of whether they have an account:

-          Location data. This concerns details about your exact location, direction, speed and the time when these details were measured.

-          My Routes that you enter into the application.
My Contents that you enter into the application.

-          Usage data: details about your past trips (subject to your consent, see below), details about your use of the additional services we offer, and settings checked in the app.

We need this data for generating traffic information on an anonymous basis. You can read more about this further on in this Privacy Policy. Logged in user may request removal of user data in their user profile page.

Data processed for users with an account:

-           Contact details: your email address and password.

We need this data in order to make sure that the app works well and to enable us to provide our services.

The purposes of processing the data

We use the above mentioned data for the following purposes: 

-          Providing our services: displaying relevant traffic information at your location and processing traffic information messages, offering information about the route you have travelled, etc.

-          Generating (historic) traffic information (such as congestion information); we make this traffic information available to third parties (this is done anonymously and it cannot be traced back to your phone or any other personal data).

-          Being able to improve our own service provision, for example by reviewing which of our products and services, or which parts thereof, are popular or are not popular and which functions might be improved further.

-          Being able to create statistics about the use of our services.

-          Further protecting our services against misuse.

-          Complying with all the statutory obligations that apply to us.

-          Settling any disputes.

-          Other purposes for which you have given us separate consent.

For users with an account, we also use the data for the following purposes:

-          Offering additional services, such as subscribing to e-mail alerts on different topics and synchronising your collections. When you are logged in, we will try to automatically synchronise your collections and settings in  association with your account.

-          Being able to contact you, e.g. to be able to send you a reset password by email.

Forwarding data to third parties

We may share your personal data:

-        with your consent,

-        wiht authorised third parties, who process personal data on our behalf,

-        where there is a legal requirement to do so.

The only data that we provide to other third parties in other cases is data at the aggregated level / group level, so no longer traceable to an individual telephone / person. Think of passing traffic information or statistical information about the amount of traffic on certain roads.

Using and storing location data

Location details will be processed and stored when you use the Promet+ app, subject to your prior consent. The route travelled, date/time and speed will then be recorded for every trip.

This is done anonymously as explained below.

Storing the data in this manner is necessary for us in order to generate statistical and other information (such as traffic information) described above.

The data we collect is anonymized. The main measures we have taken for this are:

-          Every trip is given its own unique session number and it is changing every six (6) hours.

-          Application doesn't begin measuring i.e. sending the location until you have driven at least 500 metres.

Data security measures

DARS will take appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your personal details against loss or any form of unlawful processing.

Legal basis for processing your personal data

We process your personal data in context of the app Promet+ for the following legal bases:

-          Performance of a contract with you

We process your personal data to perform our obligations under the Promet+ Terms.


Your consent


Promet+ enables you to activate additional optional features and/or functionalities by activating the option of logging location details Once you activate this option, we process your personal data based on your consent. You may revoke your consent, at any time, by changing your settings in Settings.

Please note that some of the features in the app may only be available to you based on consent.


How long do we retain personal data?


We endeavor to only collect personal data that are necessary for the purposes for which they are collected, and to retain such data for no longer than is necessary for such purposes.


The length of time personal data is retained, and criteria for determining that time, are dependent on the nature of the personal data and the purpose for which it was provided. For example, your personal data related to managing your account (such as email address, and account content and preferences) are maintained for as long as they are retained by you within your account. Other data, such as records of your activity within the application are typically maintained only for a short period before being anonymized.


Your rights

Withdrawing your consent

The app enables you to deactivate the option of logging location details. If you deactivate this option, you also revoke your consent for us to log these details. Deactivating the option does not affect the data we stored before deactivation; deactivation only applies to future location details. Furthermore, deactivating the option only means that we will no longer process any location details about you. The processing of other data, e.g. statistics about the use of the app, will continue.

Right of access, rectification and erasure

You have a statutory right to know which of your personal data are processed by Promet+ . It is very important to us that we are certain that we are passing on these data to the right person. That is why we have created an option enabling you to view these data through your account. Your personal data can be viewed in the Promet+ app on the Settings page or on

To ammend, delete or order a digital copy of your data send a request to or by post to Prometnoinformacijski center, DARS, Dunajska 7, 1000 Ljubljana.



If you have any questions about how DataTraffic+ processes personal data or if you wish to exercise one or several of your statutory rights, then please contact us through one of the following options:

DARS, d.d.

Prometnoinformacijski center

Dunajska 7, 1000 Ljubljana