Situation on border-crossings in Slovenia


Measures for crossing state borders, more.

Arriving from countries on the red list, more info here.


Transit through the territory of Slovenia to another country is possible within 12 hours after entry.


Slovenian, Austrian, Italy and Hungarian citizens can now cross the border outside checkpoints.


Checkpoints on crossing the Slovenian border:

- Italy open 4 checkpoints border crossings: Vrtojba, Fernetiči, Škofije, Krvavi Potok.

- Austria open checkpoints border crossings: Karavanke, Ljubelj, Šentilj (motorway).

- Hungary open checkpoints border crossings: Dolga vas, Pince (motorway).
Due to the increase in the number of infections with the new COVID 19, Hungary changed the border crossing for foreign nationals on 1 September. Entry into Hungary is possible in certain exceptional cases, and daily migrants will be allowed to cross the border under certain conditions.
Requests and appeal requests can only be lodged electronically, by using the dedicated forms, in Hungarian or English language.
- Croatia open checkpoints border crossings: for more information please visit Border crossing on-line form. 

More detailed information is available at  source: NJIZ,,,

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