Change from A5 motorway section to BC Petišovci for trucks

Posted by Blog Author Friday, February 5, 2021 6:36:00 AM

As of 9 February 2021, a new traffic policy will apply from the A5 motorway section to the border crossing Petišovci.

Goods vehicles exceeding 7.5 tonnes maximum permissible mass will not be allowed to pass, with the exception of heavy goods vehicles
whose starting or end point (cargo loading/unloading, company office) is in Slovenia or in one of the following Croatian counties:

  • Medžimurje county (this exemption already applies under the current traffic policy),
  • Varaždin county (this exemption already applies under the current traffic policy),                
  • Koprivnica-Križevci county,
  • Bjelovar-Bilogora county,
  • Virovitica-Podravina county,
  • Požega-Slavonia county,
  • Brod-Posavina county,
  • Osijek-Baranja county,
  • Vukovar-Syrmia county,

which is summarised on the supporting panel (Varaždin, Medžimurje, Koprivnica, Bjelovar and Slavonia), as we were notified by the Slovenian Infrastructure Agency.

Graphic presentation of the amended traffic regulations at MP Petišovci:

Tranzit HR - A5. Except for SLO areas, Varaždin, Medžimurje, Koprivnica, Bjelovar, Slavonia.

Except for SLO Varaždin, Medžimurje, Koprivnica, Bjelovar, Slavonia

On 1 June 2019, the Slovenian Infrastructure Agency carried out measures to redirect goods traffic from roads that have the most goods traffic onto the parallel motorway network, which presents a safer road connection with better transport and technical elements.

The measures were carried out on the following road sections: Jelšane - Postojna (G1-6) and Starod - Kozina (G1-7) and on some of the main and regional roads in the north-eastern part of Slovenia.

At the start of August 2019, the Slovenian Infrastructure Agency adjusted or amended the measures considering the needs of the economy and the quality of life of the local population.

Source: Slovenian Infrastructure Agency

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