Golovec tunnel renovation 2021

Wednesday, February 24, 2021 6:49:00 AM

The Golovec tunnel, located on the Ljubljana eastern bypass, was built in 1999. It has been maintained on a regular basis ever since, while no substantial renovation works were ever carried out.

After more than two decades of use, the tunnel now has visible damage to its construction, which is due to wear and tear and the terrain specificity, mainly the infiltration of rock water through the invert. 

The western tunnel tube, which runs from Styria to the Lower Carniola and Coastal regions, was completely renovated last year. 

The tunnel is also being renovated in order to increase traffic safety, because the current electro-mechanical equipment does not conform to modern requirements any more.

During the comprehensive renovation of the western tube, they repaired the structural damage, provided ventilation, and upgraded the lighting and other safety systems. These works also improved tunnel safety. 

Renovation of the eastern tube 2021

The renovation of the eastern tube, which runs from the Lower Carniola and Coastal regions in the direction of Styria, is planned to take place from 15 March 2021 to the second half of May. Preparatory works for the road closure will be carried out a couple of days before.

Works will be carried out 24 hours a day. During this time, the eastern tube will be completely closed to traffic. Traffic will run through the western (renovated) tunnel tube. The 2+1 road closure type will be implemented, namely two lanes in the direction of peak traffic and one in the opposite direction. 

Congestions are expected, especially during peak hours and in the direction where traffic will run on just one lane. 

During the works, only vehicles with a maximum authorised weight NOT exceeding 3.5 tonnes will be permitted to go through the Golovec tunnel.

Heavy vehicles will be redirected to the south, west, and north Ljubljana bypass.

The main results of the renovation will include increased tunnel safety, a more comfortable drive through the tunnel, and decreased maintenance costs.  

Planned works on the Ljubljana bypass

The renovation of the Golovec tunnel is planned for the spring period, since works on certain other sections of the Ljubljana bypass are already planned to take place.

The reconstruction of the Letališka cesta junction on the east Ljubljana bypass. Due to the construction works on the bypass, traffic around the Letališka junction will run on two narrowed lanes, if the technology will allow for such traffic arrangement, and on one half of the motorway during the last phase of the construction works. The junction will remain closed during the reconstruction of the overpass. 

Reconstruction works are planned in summer 2021 on the heavily worn road on the north Ljubljana bypass between Bežigrad and Nove Jarše in both directions and the Tomačevo roundabout junction. The works will be done in multiple phases, and traffic will run on one or two narrowed lanes during the road closure. During the reconstruction works on the Tomačevo roundabout, individual sections will be closed off, with diverted traffic. 

The reconstruction works on the Leskoškova junction (Nove Jarše) could take place in the second half of 2021.    

Information regarding construction works and exact schedules will be updated regularly and we will provide additional announcements. 

Congestion warnings

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