Happy New Year and drive carefully

Friday, December 31, 2010 12:09:24 PM

Variable weather and road conditions, different traffic density, physical and mental fitness of drivers and other items requiring extra caution and more attention to traffic and the possibility of planning a longer trip, even on weekends, holidays ...

This weekend starting a holiday in Croatia, also is the increased number of celebrations possibility to change the way in urban centers, especially in the vicinity of the markets. On New Year's 2011 celebration - so tomorrow on Saturday - we can expect increased traffic from Croatia to Austria and Italy. Possible traffic congestion can also be viewed through the sales traffic colendar on our site www.promet.si.

Given the upcoming holiday weekend is considered the overall limit of freight transport in Slovenia and neighboring countries.

Drivers advised to: monitor the weather conditions, certain roads due to flooding, have long been closed also on the snow in the higher altitude, is also the possibility of rapid changes in the state of roads in mountain passes.

We suggest you plan your route before the journey find out about possible changes in the direction of your journey, listen to traffic information, follow the aspects of safe driving, make for the perfect car, check for possible events on our web site or call the http://www.promet.si Traffic Inf. center for public roads in SLO.
Pleasant holidays, Good luck and drive carefully!


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