Mangart saddle open

Friday, July 9, 2021 1:19:00 PM

For visitors who want to go to Mangart Saddle despite the restrictions, public transport from Log pod Mangartom to Mangart Saddle will be organized on Saturdays and Sundays (from 7.20 am to 4 pm, Monday-Friday (twice a day)) in July and August 2021, back towards the valley.


Due to traffic safety, lack of parking spaces and traffic calming in the Mangart Saddle area, the number of vehicles on the Mangart road is limited.

An automatic barrier with a traffic meter has been set up at Mangartska planina, and a digital display of parking space occupancy has been set up at the turnoff at Mlinč. A notice of parking space occupancy is published on the digital display, and the automatic lock no longer opens until the parking spaces are vacated.

The reason for the changed traffic regime is to ensure traffic safety and reduce the burden on the Mangart saddle with individual motor traffic.


DRSI camera.


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