Reconstruction of the northern Ljubljana bypass (H3)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012 12:30:39 PM

From 28 May 2012 to 24 August 2012, reconstruction works are planned for the H3 expressway or the northern Ljubljana bypass i.e. on the section between Celovška Road and the Koseze junction, over a length of 1.5 km in both directions.
The works will be implemented jointly by the contractors selected by public call, Strabag gradbene storitve d.o.o. and Vianova Slovenija d.o.o. Traffic will be carried on four narrowed traffic lanes during all reconstruction phases.
The Ljubljana ring road, including its motorway radial roads, is one of the most burdened roads in Slovenia. Due to wear of the carriageway, the complete replacement of asphalt layers is necessary. Other works include the recovery of blanket layers with a special treatment, the replacement of the existing concrete guardrails and lamp posts, the extension and cleaning of drains and the sewage system, and the renovation of the Celovška, Vodnikova and Podutiška junction legs. The reconstruction of the carriageway with the recovery process has to be executed due to maintenance of the carriageway level because a large number of overpasses in this section limit the free profile of the road.

The works will be carried out seven days a week, i.e. during daylight hours. Prior to the implementation of work at night, the contractors have to obtain the approval of the supervising engineer in order to ensure the quality of the work performed and suitable safety measures. The contractors have to observe the applicable legislation (labour legislation, noise protection, etc.) which severely hinders working at night on construction sites situated in densely populated areas.

The reconstruction will be implemented in four phases, all of which will rely on road closures. The public will be informed on the content and manner and the traffic regime before the beginning of each phase.

The first phase begins on Monday, 28 May 2012, and is expected to last until Friday, 8 June 2012. Both fast lanes along the entire section of the Ljubljana bypass between Celovška Road and Koseze will be closed in both directions over a length of 1.5 km. Traffic will proceed in the traffic and emergency or deceleration and acceleration lanes. In this phase, the contractors will remove the concrete guardrails and public lamp posts, arrange inspection chambers of the sewage system and public lighting shafts, and reconstruct asphalt layers in the central reservation.

Work in the second phase will be implemented in the direction of Celovška Road towards Koseze, and in the third phase, the contractor will implement the same work on the opposite side of the carriageway from Koseze towards Celovška Road. In both phases, the traffic will proceed on the opposite carriageway in both directions on two narrowed lanes, and lanes in the opposite direction will be separated by a low metal rail (i.e. miniguard). As part of the second and the third phases, the contractors will dismantle the lamp posts beside the carriageway and at closed connections, remove asphalt and cement stabilisation, lay new drainage pipes, implement the recovery of blanket layers, lay kerbs and new asphalt layers.

In the last phase, the same traffic closure as in the first phase will be implemented, which means that along the entire section from the Celovška connection towards Koseze both fast lanes over a length of 1.5 km will be closed in both directions, and traffic will proceed on traffic and emergency or deceleration and acceleration lanes. In this phase, the contractors will install a new central reservation with concrete guardrails, erect lamp posts and close service passages.
Despite the fact that traffic loads on the Ljubljana bypass are at their lowest in summer compared to the rest of the year, congestion is expected on the section where the works are implemented, particularly at peak hours. During the reconstruction work, access for cargo vehicles will be limited which will be appropriately marked with traffic signalisation. The traffic of cargo vehicles will be redirected to the eastern and southern bypasses.

Source: Dars, d.d.


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