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Posted by Blog Author Wednesday, September 1, 2021 11:42:00 AM

Dear website users!

It is time to update our website, which has not received any major upgrades for quite some time.

Some of the reasons why these updates are necessary:

  1. The existing website is becoming technologically obsolete. Technological progress is in itself forcing us to update the website, otherwise many elements will soon no longer function.
  2. Over two thirds of our website visitors are on a mobile device, where reading and viewing our website is difficult. Specifically, the website in its current form does not adjust to the visitor’s device. This will be possible after the redesign.
  3. With the development of new transport technologies (Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS), direct communication between vehicles, and between vehicles and the infrastructure or roadside equipment (V2X), elements of autonomous driving, etc.), we are also forced to change the way events are displayed in all our apps, including for example on the traffic map. We also had to replace our existing icons, which are snapshots of real traffic signs, because we are no longer allowed to mix traffic announcements with actual traffic signs, under the amended EU legislation and rules. This is because modern cars can show both at the same time.
  4. The new technologies will allow us to connect all our apps/tools for traffic announcements and unify them.

Please follow this link for a preview of the redesigned website, which we will keep upgrading until it is ready to replace the existing website, which is expected sometime before winter.

Please send your ideas, proposals and comments to the following address:

We will keep doing our best to ensure that reliable traffic information reaches drivers as quickly as possible.

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