Renovation - works in roads

Tuesday, May 11, 2021 5:17:00 AM


The Sečovlje border crossing will be closed for renovation to 31 May 2021.

Traffic will be diverted to the Dragonja border crossing.

During the complete closure of the Sečovlje border crossing, increased traffic and longer wait times are expected at the Dragonja border crossing. Please plan your journey accordingly in advance. 

Source: Police

The Podtabor–Zvirče regional road will be closed for renovation of the carriageway to 15 June 2021.

Traffic will be diverted to the Gorenjska motorway section between the Naklo and Brezje junctions, including for vehicles without a valid vignette.


The road will be completely closed every working day from 18:00 to 06:00.

Due to urgent structural works and the reconstruction of the Predel tunnel on the Italian side of Predel near Lago del Predil, the Italian state roads operator, ANAS, has introduced occasional complete road closures for all traffic on this section of the Predel–Tarvisio road.

The complete closures will be in effect on working days from 18:00 to 06:00. No diversions will be provided.

In the remaining hours and on Sundays and holidays, alternating one-way traffic with traffic lights will be arranged. In line with other applicable regulations, truck and bus traffic will also be permitted during this time.

Once the ANAS 24/7 operational office is set up, a special plan for emergencies will also be activated, i.e. for the free passage of emergency vehicles during closures.

This regime will be in place on this section of the road until the beginning of winter, when a suspension of the works is planned. The completion of the final works is expected in the spring of next year.  


Source: Municipality of Bovec


The reconstruction of the bridge over the River Drava on the Selnica ob Dravi–Ruše road, the R2-435, will begin at the end of May. This bridge is an important connection for both the local population and the economy, as well as for the wider area.

The Slovenian Infrastructure Agency routinely monitors the condition of bridging structures on state roads, and plans renovations accordingly.

During the reconstruction, one side of the bridge over the River Drava will be expanded with a pavement, while a two-way cycle path will be built on the other side, forming part of the Drava Cycling Route. Since the planned expansion affects its static characteristics and involves complex works on its construction, the structure needs to be completely still, which is only achievable if the bridge is completely closed. This is an extremely complex project.

This is why the bridge will be closed during the reconstruction. The works will take about a year and a half, which means that they will presumably be completed in the autumn of 2022.


Traffic will be diverted in the direction of Ruše, along Tovarniška road, or along the R2-435 regional road towards Maribor through Bezena, Bistrica ob Dravi and Limbuš. It will continue along the G1-1 Maribor–Cesta proletarskih brigad main road, over the “Koroški most” bridge, and onto the Maribor–Dravograd main road to Selnica ob Dravi, and vice versa.

The diversion is approximately 24 kilometres long.

During the complete closure, the bridge will also be closed to pedestrians and cyclists. For cyclists on the Drava Cycling Route, a diversion is planned from the Fala Castle along the R3-705 regional road, the Ruše–Puščava section, to Ruše.

Source: Slovenian Infrastructure Agency

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