Resurfacing the Gorenjska motorway between Brezje and Kranj west

Monday, August 31, 2020 10:45:00 PM

After last year's resurfacing of the carriageway of the Gorenjska motorway between the Kranj zahod and Brezje junctions towards Jesenice, the second half of the motorway, towards Ljubljana, will be resurfaced this year. Construction works are expected to begin on Monday, September 7, 2020. During the works, traffic will run on two narrower lanes in each direction of travel, whereby one lane is to be arranged along one half of the carriageway that is under renovation.


To avoid congestion, temporary traffic regulation will be arranged in the evening and at night during the following week. In total, approx. 1,800 tonnes of low concrete separating blocks, as well as temporary traffic signs, floor markings and 700 flexible delineators with bases, with a total weight of 25 tonnes, are to be placed on 11 km of carriageway towards Jesenice.

The site preparatory works will begin this week. We urge users to carefully monitor and follow traffic signs and to drive patiently and in accordance with regulations to ensure their safety and the safety of the workers on the motorway. The two-month project includes resurfacing 9.6 kilometres of carriageway in the section between Brezje and Kranj zahod junctions towards Ljubljana, the entry and exit point of the Naklo junction in this direction, and minor repairs to bridging structures over the motorway.

During the reconstruction works, the traffic will run on two narrower lanes in each direction according to the 2 + 1 + 1 system. This means that there will be a two-lane carriageway towards Jesenice. The left lane towards Ljubljana will be arranged on the same half of the motorway; due to the two-way traffic, it will be separated from the other two (towards Jesenice) with low concrete safety blocks; the right lane will be arranged along the construction site on the carriageway towards Ljubljana.

We ask drivers to follow the traffic signs and enter the right lane in time, as they will not be able to change lanes later. Anyone wanting to leave the motorway at the Podtabor (Tržič) junction or the Naklo junction, from the direction of Jesenice towards Ljubljana, will have to use the right lane, next to the construction site, otherwise the driver will have to exit the motorway at the Kranj west junction, which is a little more than seven kilometres from Podtabor and a little less than four kilometres from Naklo. During the resurfacing, the Naklo junction will be closed for a few days, which the users will be informed about in good time.

The driving speed through the work barrier area will mostly be limited to 80 km/h in both directions, and to 60 km/h in individual areas. Users should be careful when entering the motorway at the Naklo junction and the Podtabor point (Tržič), as there will be a stop sign placed before entering!

Resurfacing is necessary in order to increase traffic safety and extend the lifetime of the existing construction.

As part of the contract works and the same closure, a two-layer surface coating will be applied in the Zgoša, Dobruša, Peračica, Ljubno, Lešnica and Tržiška Bistrica viaduct areas (towards Ljubljana); this has already been carried out on viaducts towards Jesenice this spring.

This is an effective measure to prevent the further deterioration of the asphalt overlay, on which minor damage occurs due to the ageing of bituminous binders. After the coating has been applied, the driving speed over the viaducts on the lane arranged on the carriageway towards Ljubljana will be temporarily limited to 60 km/h. We urge drivers to strictly respect the speed restriction, which is necessary in order to achieve the desired effect and durability of the coating in the area of viaducts, as the traffic presses in the sprinkled grains into the coating.

Moreover, DARS urges drivers to strictly respect all speed limits, which will also be subject to monitoring by police officers, and to maintain an adequate safety distance, especially in the area of the viaducts, due to rocks flicking up.

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