Traffic announcment until the beginning of December 2017

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Due to the ever-decreasing temperatures, the driving conditions are worsening. Snowfalls are possible in the coming week, therefore we would like to ask all drivers to only drive on the roads with the prescribed winter equipment, to respect the traffic signs, to remain tolerant and to adjust their driving to the conditions. Drivers should not overtake snow clearance vehicles because they are endangering their own safety and the safety of other road users.

Expected construction Works 

Central Slovenia
Due to emergency maintenance, construction works are expected during Friday night, 23/24 November between 8.30 pm and 5 am in the left tube of the Šentvid tunnel in the direction of Kranj, on the Koseze - Šentvid section. Complete road closure is expected. There will be a detour along the northern Ljubljana bypass and through Celovška cesta back to the A2 highway. 


Primorska region
During Friday night, 23/24 November, a short-term complete road closure is expected without a detour between 10pm and 11pm on the H6 Koper-Izola motorway, Koper section (Škocjan - Semedela) near the Slavček junction in the direction of Izola, and on the Koper (Semedela) - Izola section before the Semedela junction in the direction of Koper.

On Saturday, 25 November, closure of the left traffic lanes on the Postojna - Unec section in the direction of Ljubljana and Koper for 500m is expected between 5am to 11am due to the placement of a concrete protection fence. Due to the removal of ground signs in the area of the Unec viaduct, one traffic lane will be closing alternately.

During Friday night, 23/24 November, the overtaking lane and the traffic lane on the Vrhnika - Logatec section in the direction of Koper will be closed between 8.30pm and 5am. Traffic in the direction of Koper will be redirected onto the slow lane for 400 m.

The construction blockage in the area of the Ravbarkomanda viaduct will be removed on 10 December when construction works on the object are complete.


Štajerska region
The gas station at the Lukovica rest point in the direction from Maribor will be closed until the end of the year. The rest point remains open.

Hindered traffic is expected at the Lopata rest point in the direction of Ljubljana. Sanitation works on the liquid transfer platform are being carried out at the Lopata sales point in the direction of Ljubljana. Gas pumps are operating with reduced capacities, for both personal and freight vehicles. It is estimated that works will be completed by 22 December.


Podravje highway A4
The Podravje highway Draženci - Podlehnik section has been opened to traffic. In accordance with the placed signs, drivers will need vignettes to drive on the section up to the Podlehnik junction. Drivers may still drive on the Hajdina - Draženci section without a valid vignette, but only those who are on the official detour due to the closure of the Ptuj bridge. More in the news.


Closures on some other roads
On the road R3-641, Ljubljanica - Ljubljana (Dolgi most - km 9.550 - 10.660), a complete road closure is expected on Saturday, 25 November between 7 am and about 5 pm. A detour is possible on the Ljubljanica - Lj. (Dolgi most), Gorenja vas – Ljubljanica and the local Dobrova – Horjul roads.

Cesta Vodice – Moste (Kamniška cesta in Vodice) will remain closed until approx. 30 November. A detour for vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes will follow the Vodice - Spodnji Brnik - Moste regional road while a detour for vehicles weighing more than 7.5 tonnes will be on the highway through the Brnik - Spodnji Brnik - Moste junction.

On Saturday, 2 December, protection, rescue and help exercise named “Predor Sten 2017” will be carried out in the Sten tunnel in Škofja Loka between 4 pm and 8 pm. The Sten tunnel will be closed in both directions and traffic will be redirected through Spodnji trg in Škofja Loka. 

Note: The time of the expected works may be changed due to weather, technical or other reasons. Updated changes shall be published on our map and in our traffic report at   


We are entering the festive month. Various places, city centres, markets, streets and towns will be holding events, among them fairs, switching on lights and other events. The festive December events connect different generations and attract a large number of visitors from various places. We urge all visitors to plan their trips to such events and consider their parking possibilities. We also urge them to be cautious and attentive, especially on traffic surfaces, and to ensure their own personal safety. We are also issuing a warning on the possibility of highly dense traffic in the directions of these events.

On Friday, 24 November, increased traffic is expected in Podkoren and the surrounding area due to the event “Fire spectacle, arrival of the devils of the three lands”, especially in the evening after 5.30 pm.
There will still be dry weather on Friday. On Saturday, precipitation is expected in west Slovenia, which will extend to the entire country during the night and into Sunday. It will be colder and the snow line will be descending. On Monday and Tuesday, it will be mainly dry and very clear. On Wednesday and Thursday, the probability of precipitation will again be higher and occasional snowfalls on the plains may be expected in the northern part of Slovenia.


During the winter months, the weather conditions are unpleasant (fog, rain, snow) and the days are shorter.
In order to be safe in traffic, we recommend that you ensure you are visible by wearing reflective clothing or visible light-coloured clothing, and we urge drivers to adjust their driving to the conditions on the road.  Considering that we are expecting variable weather, including rainfall and then snowfall or a combination of fog, rain, snow and low temperatures, we recommend that you equip your vehicle with appropriate equipment and adjust your driving to the weather conditions.

Drivers may also expect icy surfaces in exposed areas, and freight vehicle drivers may be excluded from traffic in the event of large amounts of snow and snow clearance vehicles, therefore we recommend that you consider all these facts before you set off, adjust your driving to the conditions on your journey and follow the weather forecasts.

Peculiarities abroad
The Grand Saint Bernard tunnel on the SS27/21 or E27 road between Italy and Switzerland will remain closed until approx. the end of November 2017. A detour through the mountain pass is possible for personal vehicles, and through the Mont Blanc tunnel for freight vehicles. The tunnel is closed due to repairs to damage caused by a traffic accident.
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Traffic information:
Before you set off, check the traffic information using:

- the website,
- the PIC operator on 1970 (the number is not free of charge) or the responder on 080 22 44 (free of charge),
- the mobile application DarsPromet+,
- social media (Twitter@promet_si and,
- the traffic information on radio stations.
The Traffic Information Centre for Public Roads wishes you a pleasant drive.

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