Traffic forecast for December

Friday, December 8, 2017 3:15:00 AM

Due to the ever-decreasing temperatures, the driving conditions are worsening. Snowfalls are possible in the coming week, therefore we would like to ask all drivers to only drive on the roads with the prescribed winter equipment, to respect the traffic signs, to remain tolerant and to adjust their driving to the conditions. Drivers should not overtake snow clearance vehicles because they are endangering their own safety and the safety of other road users.

Expected construction Works 

Primorska region, A1

The construction blockage in the area of the Ravbarkomanda viaduct will be removed on 10 December when construction works on the object are complete.

Štajerska region, A1

The gas station at the Lukovica rest point in the direction from Maribor will be closed until the end of the year.

Hindered traffic is expected at the Lopata rest point in the direction of Ljubljana. It is estimated that works will be completed by 22 December.

Podravje highway, A4

The Podravje highway Draženci - Podlehnik section has been opened to traffic. In accordance with the placed signs, drivers will need vignettes to drive on the section up to the Podlehnik junction. Drivers may still drive on the Hajdina - Draženci section without a valid vignette, but only those who are on the official detour due to the closure of the Ptuj bridge.

Due to closures on some other roads we suggest careful driving.

Note: The time of the expected works may be changed due to weather, technical or other reasons. Updated changes shall be published on our map and in our traffic report at   

Events in the festive December

We are in the festive month December. Various places, city centres, markets, streets and towns will be holding events, among them fairs, switching on lights and other events. The festive December events connect different generations and attract a large number of visitors from various places. We urge all visitors to plan their trips to such events and consider their parking possibilities. We also urge them to be cautious and attentive, especially on traffic surfaces, and to ensure their own personal safety. We are also issuing a warning on the possibility of highly dense traffic in the directions of these events.



During the winter months, the weather conditions are unpleasant (fog, rain, snow) and the days are shorter. In order to be safe in traffic, we recommend that you ensure you are visible by wearing reflective clothing or visible light-coloured clothing, and we urge drivers to adjust their driving to the conditions on the road.  Considering that we are expecting variable weather, including rainfall and then snowfall or a combination of fog, rain, snow and low temperatures, we recommend that you equip your vehicle with appropriate equipment and adjust your driving to the weather conditions.

Drivers may also expect icy surfaces in exposed areas, and freight vehicle drivers may be excluded from traffic in the event of large amounts of snow and snow clearance vehicles, therefore we recommend that you consider all these facts before you set off, adjust your driving to the conditions on your journey and follow the weather forecasts. We recommend that you take preventive chains with you at higher roads.

Traffic information:
Before you set off, check the traffic information using:

- the website,
- the PIC operator on 1970 (the number is not free of charge) or the responder on 080 22 44 (free of charge),
- the mobile application DarsPromet+,
- social media (Twitter@promet_si and,
- the traffic information on radio stations.

NEW: Vignettes for 2018, on sale from 1st December 2017 onwards

Information about authorised vendors of Slovenian vignettes
► Toll user centre Grič 54, 1000 Ljubljana / Tel.: 080 15 03 ali +386 1 5188350 (Information about vignettes and toll for trucks)
► Vignette system and roads Information about motorways sections with the mandatory use of vignettes

The Traffic Information Centre for Public Roads wishes you a pleasant drive and end of the year.

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