Traffic forecast in the summer months

Thursday, July 8, 2021 11:14:00 AM

  • Congestion at the roadworks locations and during rush hours occurs daily.
  • In the summer months, the traffic is particularly increased from Austria to the Slovenian and Croatian coast, and in the opposite direction during the weekends in particular.
  • More traffic can also be expected towards other tourist destinations in Slovenia, and at border crossings.
  • Longer waiting times can be expected at the border crossings with Croatia. We recommend for drivers to shorten the waiting times by preparing all the necessary documents beforehand.
  • Drivers are advised to check their vehicles before departure, to start their journey well rested, and to make several stops.
  • It is a good idea to have a larger quantity of beverages available on hot days.
  • We also suggest to monitor the road conditions and plan your route by using less traffic intense time periods and roads.
  • A1, By mid October 2021, the traffic flow at the Vrhnika connection will be changed. From Wednesday August 11, until the beginning of October, the import to the motorway towards Koper and the exit from the motorway the direction of Koper will be closed. The detour will be via the Logatec connection. 

  • A2, On the Dolenjska motorway between Drnovo and MP Obrežje, traffic runs along two narrow lanes towards the MP and one traffic lane towards Ljubljana. The Čatež rest area towards Ljubljana is closed.

  • A1, Due to works on the Žepina viaduct, a part of the Dramlje - Celje section towards Ljubljana will be closed until 31 August 2021. Traffic will be diverted to the other half of the motorway.

  • Mangart saddle open.
  • There is a changed traffic arrangement on the Italian side of Predel, near Lago del Predil, due to the reconstruction of the Predel tunnel. Other roads.

Certain limitations apply to border crossings, due to the COVID-19 situation at home and abroad.

At border crossings, drivers and passengers are checked. We recommend for drivers to shorten the procedures and waiting times by preparing the necessary documents beforehand.

Waiting times at the Croatian border depend only on SLOVENIAN and CROATIAN POLICE CONTROLS.

We advise drivers to check the map at or to download the Promet+ app that will keep you informed of the queue length on the route of your choice.

In general, the waiting times published in our website are for informative purposes only, as it is nearly impossible to predict waiting times caused by the covid situation. Despite the published waiting periods of 1 hour, for example, these may extend to 2 hours and more in just 15 minutes, in case of difficulties with passengers’ documents.

Since we do not have any means of control over the border crossing situation, we depend on the Police to receive information, which is frequently inaccurate due to the procedures and the increased traffic and quick changes in the border crossing regime (it is not possible to enter Croatia without proper certificates from 1 July, even if you are coming from a green list country).

We recommend that you use our waiting time information for general purposes only, and make additional checks for congestion on Slovenian roads. Roads with queues are generally coloured in orange or red on our maps.

The traffic changes constantly, and so does the traffic information, so everything may change very quickly.

Real-time information is available here.

Web application “Vstop v Slovenijo” control points, source: Police.

We recommend that you monitor the COVID-19 situation in Slovenia, as well as when travelling abroad, since the traffic density at border crossings and on the Slovenian roads frequently changes due to the adopted measures. 


Limitation of cargo traffic on Roads in the Republic of Slovenia.

Traffic of heavy goods vehicles (HGV) with the maximum authorised total weight exceeding 7.5 tonnes is therefore limited on the following days in high tourist season:

During the tourist season, from 26 June (Saturday, Sunday) to the first weekend (4 September, Saturday, Sunday) in September 2021.

Saturdays from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM on certain motorways in Primorska, and on state roads from 6:00 AM to 4:00 PM,

on Sundays, holidays and work-free days from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM, and on certain motorways in Primorska and state roads from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM on Sundays and work-free days.  


At the A5 to the Petišovci border crossing (and vice versa) motorway section, all traffic for vehicles over 7.5 tons is permitted in any direction towards the East of Croatia, and not only in the Medžimurje or Varaždin municipality, as was the case in the last year and a half until 1 June 2020. Learn more. Source: DRSI

Traffic situation monitoring in the West Balkans by the TCT Secretariat.


The tourist season and recommendations

The tourist season has started in Slovenia, as well as across much of Europe, including holidays that will expand further in July and August. The morning and afternoon peak hours during weekdays are shifting to holiday peak hours on Friday afternoons in the direction of tourist destinations, and from Saturday to Monday in the opposite direction. Rest stops and parking spaces are also busier than usual.

The increased traffic can be expected every weekend, in particular from Austria and Italy towards the Slovenian and Croatian coast, and in the opposite direction, while greater density is also expected at the border crossings. There are more events in the city centres and the suburbs, and more people are visiting natural attractions by rivers and lakes, and in the mountains...

We recommended for drivers to place cargo in and on their vehicles appropriately, and not to forget to adjust their travelling speed (in case of trailers, for example), to keep the safety distance, and to follow other preventive recommendations.

We advise drivers to check their vehicles first, start their journey well rested and with a lot of tolerance, and to observe the traffic calendar, and weather conditions. On hot days, have a larger quantity of refreshing beverages available. We recommend you to plan your route and use less busy roads.

Before starting your journey, check the current road conditions.

In case your vehicle breaks down on a motorway or expressway, you should “immediately ensure your safety and visibility, and inform the road operator!”

Predel tunnel on the Italian side

The road will be completely closed every working day from 18:00 to 06:00.

Due to urgent structural works and the reconstruction of the Predel tunnel on the Italian side of Predel near Lago del Predil, the Italian state roads operator, ANAS, has introduced occasional complete road closures for all traffic on this section of the Predel–Tarvisio road.

The complete closures will be in effect on working days from 18:00 to 06:00. No diversions will be provided.

In the remaining hours and on Sundays and holidays, alternating one-way traffic with traffic lights will be arranged. In line with other applicable regulations, truck and bus traffic will also be permitted during this time.

Once the ANAS 24/7 operational office is set up, a special plan for emergencies will also be activated, i.e. for the free passage of emergency vehicles during closures.

This regime will be in place on this section of the road until the beginning of winter, when a suspension of the works is planned. The completion of the final works is expected in the spring of next year.  

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