Traffic forecast to 3 October 2019

Friday, September 27, 2019 5:43:00 AM

Because of the start of the academic year on 1 October, we expect larger morning traffic peaks. Traffic jams at the border crossings with Croatia are also typical during the weekends for this time of the year. 

Expected construction works and road closures

We advise drivers to mind the speed limits during road closures, be aware of the traffic signals and to correctly place themselves in the right or left traffic lanes, especially when they wish to exit the motorway in areas where there are construction works.

A2 motorway Ljubljana - Karavanke

The Podtabor junction will be closed on Saturday and Sunday, 28 and 29 September 2019 respectively. The motorway entry and exit in the direction of Karavanke will be closed. Detours will run via the Naklo and Brezje junctions.

In the framework of the works in their 3rd phase, there will be a full road closure at the Naklo junction (motorway entry and exit in the direction of Karavanke) on Monday, 30 September 2019. The detour will run via the Kranj zahod junction. Works on the Naklo junction will run until the start of October.

Between the Kranj vzhod and Brezje junctions (Ljubno - Kranj vzhod tunnel), traffic will run in both directions on two narrowed lanes until 25 November.

Between the junctions Jesenice zahod and Jesenice vzhod, traffic will run in both directions on half of the motorway due to the reconstruction works on the Podmežakla viaduct until mid-November 2019. Until 8 November, only vehicles of max. 3.3m in total width will be able to pass. 

A2 motorway Ljubljana - Obrežje

On Sunday, 29 September between 6.30 and 7.00am, a short-term, 30-minute full road closure is planned on the Bič - Trebnje road section with no detours due to the removal of the protective construction running across the motorway for the purpose of constructing the transmission lines:

Traffic between Grosuplje vzhod and Višnja Gora runs on two narrowed lanes in each direction. This applies for vehicles up to a max. width of 2.20m.

A1 motorway Ljubljana - Maribor; H2 expressway through Maribor

Traffic on the Blagovica - Krtina road section in the direction of Maribor, in the area of the former Kompolje toll booth, runs on two narrowed lanes due to road construction works. Traffic in the direction of Ljubljana runs on half of the motorway in both directions.  

The driving lane and slow lane will be closed on Friday, 27 September, as of 9pm until Monday, 30 September at 5am in the Polskava - Slov road section. Bistrica sever, traffic will run on half of the motorway in both directions. 

Between the road junctions of Maribor jug and Fram, traffic in both directions will run on two narrowed lanes until the end of October due to the installation of noise protection measures.

There is a partial road closure in the Šentilj - Pesnica road section in both directions due to the removal and re-arrangement of the Pesnica toll booth; traffic runs on two narrowed lanes in each direction. Works are expected to run until and including 27 September 2019.

A1 motorway Ljubljana - Koper

On the A1 motorway section between Vrhnika and Brezovica in the direction of Ljubljana, traffic runs on two narrowed lanes. Congestion is expected during the morning traffic peak hours.

Noise protection measures are being installed on the Vrhnika - Logatec road section in the direction of Koper. Traffic at the Verd viaduct area runs on two traffic lanes. The slow lane will be closed until 12 November 2019.

On Thursday night between 26 and 27 September, there will be a 30-minute full road closure between 11pm and 2am without detours due to the reconstruction of two variable message sign gantries. First in the Kozina - Črni Kal road section and then in the Črni Kal - Srmin road section.

Due to the preparatory works of the worksite, traffic in both sections will be hindered beforehand with maintenance closures of the driving lane, and with maintenance closures of the fast lane after the full road closure. The closures are necessary due to the reconstruction works of the essential pillars of the gantries and variable message sign displays before the Kastelec and Dekani tunnels.

Between the Razdrto and Postojna road junctions in the direction of Ljubljana (the Razdrto junction and the Studenec rest area), the traffic arrangement has changed and runs in different phases. Traffic will occasionally run on one lane, and mostly on two narrowed lanes. Approx. until 29 September 2019.

The Divača junction in both directions is closed on the A1 motorway. A detour is possible via the Kozina, Sežana vzhod and Senožeče junctions. The road closure is expected to last until 29 September 2019 due to the removal of the toll booth.

H4 expressway Nanos junction - Vrtojba

Due to the removal of the Bazara toll booth and the emergency reconstruction of the road, the

traffic arrangement in the Šempeter - Vogrsko road section has been changed. Traffic runs on the leftmost side in both directions, one lane in each direction (direction of Italy - Nanos section). This traffic arrangement will be in place until 21 October 2019.

Variable message signs (SPIS) and road closures

The installation of SPIS gantries is planned to take place until 30 October 2019: on the south Ljubljana bypass between Vič and Barjanska cesta and between Barjanska and Dolenjska cesta; on the A1 motorway between Brezovica and Vrhnika, at the Postojna junction and between Gabrk and Divača. Short-term partial and full road closures are possible.

Other planned works

The road between Kranjska Gora and Vršič will be closed each business day between 8am and 5pm until 4 October 2019. A detour is possible via the Predel pass and the Rateče crossing. On weekends and during the night, alternating one-way traffic will be in place.

On the road between Dvor and Soteska, the Dolnji Kot - Soteska road section will be closed from Friday, 27 September at 7am, until 10 October. A detour follows the roads through Žužemberk - Trebnje - Mirna Peč - Novo mesto - Straža - Soteska and vice versa.

You can find more information on other road construction works at (mark the “Roadworks” box to the left of the map).


Autumn brings with it a range of autumn works in the fields as well as in wine-growing areas. We therefore advise:

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