Traffic forecast until 17 June

Thursday, June 9, 2016 8:30:00 PM

At the end of the week, we can expect increased traffic from urban centres to tourist destinations and in the opposite direction on Sunday afternoon. School holidays in Italy start on Thursday, 9 June, and in Croatia on Saturday, 11 June.

We would like to warn of certain local traffic obstructions due to special events. Several road blocks can be expected in Ljubljana and its surroundings due to a cycling event held from 10 to 12 June (more info).

On Saturday, 11 June, the following changes to traffic are anticipated:
- on connection Ivančna Gorica - Dvor, from 9:30 to 16:30;
- on the road Trbovlje - Boben - Hrastnik, from 8:00 to 18:00 (motorcycle racing);
- on the road Češnjica - Škofja Loka, from: 19:15-19:35, 19:45-20:05, and 21:00-22:00 (race).
On Sunday, 12 June:
- on sections: Dobrovo - Neblo and Gonjače - Dobrovo, from 14:00 to 21:00 (Cherry Holiday event).  

We would like to warn drivers of the International Cycling Race in Slovenia, which will be held on the connections: Ljubljana - Koper, Nova Gorica - Golte, Celje - Celjska koča, Rogaška Slatina - Novo mesto, from 17 to 19 June (more info

Drivers are advised to monitor the signalling system and expect changes in traffic.



Preparatory works are planned to start on 17 June on the north Ljubljana bypass. Within the roadworks, which will last until the latter half of September, lighting and the carriageway in both directions are planned to be renewed between entrances Lj-North (Celovška cesta) and Tomačevo. The renovation will run in several phases. More information: Summary renovation of the North Ljubljana bypass H3. 


As a part of regular maintenance, washing is planned from Monday evening, 14 June, from 20:00 until Saturday morning, 18 June, 5:30 for the tunnels Golovec, Debeli hrib, Mali vrh, and the covered burrowing Strmec.

The following night road blocks will be in place due to roadworks:

• Monday night into Wednesday, 14 June/ 15 June a complete block of the left tunnel tube (towards Ljubljana) of the tunnels Mali vrh and Debeli hrib.

The traffic will be diverted through the exit Šmarje Sap and further to the parallel national road.
The traffic will run via the following sections:
-AC A2/0407, exit Šmarje Sap,
-G2-106/0216, Škofljica - Šmarje Sap,
- G2-106/0215, Lj (Rudnik) - Škofljica,
-AC A1/0118, exit Lj South (Dolenjska c.) back to MW.

• Tuesday night into Thursday, 15 June/ 16 June there will be partial road blocks, first of the driving and later of the overtaking lane of the right tube  (towards Novo mesto) of the tunnels Mali vrh and Debeli hrib.

The traffic will run on the overtaking or driving lane (one lane only) in direction towards Novo mesto.

• Wednesday night into Friday, 16 June/ 17 June there will be partial road blocks, firstly of both right driving lanes and later of the overtaking lane of the right tube (direction Bizovik - Malence) of the tunnel Golovec and the covered burrowing Strmec.

• Thursday night into Saturday, 17 June/ 18 June there will be partial road blocks, firstly of both right driving lanes and later of the overtaking lane of the left tube (direction Malence - Bizovik) of the tunnel Golovec and the covered  Strmec.


Due to the restoring of the sunken carriageway in the tunnel Jasovnik, on Friday, 10 June a road block of MW is planned at 20:00 for the section Vransko - Trojane towards Ljubljana. A complete road block for the section is planned until Monday, 13 June 5:00. The traffic will be diverted to the regional road Vransko - Trojane.

On the section Maribor - centre (Ptujska) - Slivnica the traffic until 22 June is expected to run only on one half of the motorway in both directions, on two narrower lanes for denser traffic and one lane in the opposite direction.


Until 18 June, restoration of the carriageway in the length of 5 km is planned, together with the closure of the exit Kronovo and the service area Starine North towards Ljubljana. The traffic will run in both directions on one half of the motorway.


Thursday night into Friday, 9 June / 10 June from 20:00 to 5:30, there will be a complete night road block of the tunnel Šentvid towards Ljubljana for washing of the tunnel walls. The traffic will be diverted via the North bypass and Celovška cesta.


As a part of geological researches before the construction of the second tube, regular daily half-hour road blocks in direction of Austria will continue: They are planned for 7:00, 15:00, and 23:00. Occasional congestion of freight vehicles can be expected.  

We would like to warn of an increased number of freight vehicles in front of the Karavanke tunnel towards Austria on Monday.

Next week geo-mechanic research, completion of works, and with drawal of the machines from the Karavanke tunnel will cause 2 complete night road blocks from Tuesday, 14 June, until Wednesday, 15 June, and from Wednesday on Thursday, 15/16 June  from 23.00 until 5.00.


Check the traffic conditions before you start your journey:
- Traffic Information Centre for the national roads (PIC): Phone: 1970;
- automatic telephone answering machine for the traffic conditions on the motorways: 080 22 44;
- website, also for smartphones;
- Twitter @DARS_si;
- Facebook Let’s Drive Wisely:
- mobile application DarsPromet+ (App DarsTraffic+);
- forecast of density: traffic calendar.

Upon road blocks due to urgent restoration and maintenance works, we would like to ask all drivers for their patience and understanding, adjustment of their driving speed and safety distance, and for a correct and timely move to the single lane before the road block, which supports better safety for drivers and our road workers.

More information: Works on motorways – urgency or cause of congestion.

We propose tolerance and concentration, and a safe journey!



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