Traffic forecast until 17 November 2017

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Traffic forecast until 17 November 2017

The drivers are asked to prepare their vehicles in a timely fashion for winter conditions in accordance with the Road Traffic Safety Act (ZVCP). There are winter conditions already present on some roads in higher elevation areas. Due to the decreasing temperatures, the conditions for driving are worsening, and the drivers should also pay attention to the road closures. 

Expected works 


The renovation works on the A1 motorway section between Unec and Postojna are in the final phase and will be finished in this year’s construction season approximately to 20.11.2017. View over the virtual closure of the 6th phase is available. 

They will start removing the closure on the route in the beginning of the week; however, in the area of the Ravbarkomanda viaduct, the closure will remain until the end of November due to concluding works on the structure deck. In the time of closure removing, the traffic will be additionally hindered, there are traffic hold-ups foreseen, therefore, the drivers are asked to remain patient.


The renovation works on the A2 motorway between the junctions Jesenice zahod (Hrušica) and Jesenice vzhod (Lipce) are in the final phase. In the following days, the traffic will already be organized on the both motorway sides, but only on the driving lanes, the overtaking lanes will remain closed due to the concluding works. The closure will be completely removed approximately by 11.11.2017. 


Between Blagovica and Vransko towards Maribor, a complete motorway closure is foreseen from Saturday, 11.11., from 9 p.m., to Monday, 13.11., to 6 a.m., due to the regular maintenance works. The redirection will be organised on the parallel road: Blagovica - Trojane - Vransko.

Change of section Draženci - Gruškovje

The motorway part Draženci - MMP Gruškovje will be upgraded in the following weeks with the opening of the section Draženci - Podlehnik. The traffic will be redirected from the existing G1-9 Draženci - Jurovci - Gruškovje to the motorway. More information available on link Draženci - Gruškovje

Closures on some other roads

Current information on the possible transport over the Vršič pass is available on the website

The road Mojstrana - Vrata is closed due to winter conditions. The traffic is possible to the Peričnik waterfall. 

The road Vodice - Moste (Kamniška cesta in Vodice) is closed until approximately 30.11. The diversion for vehicles under 7.5 t is on the regional road Vodice - Spodnji Brnik - Moste, for vehicles above 7.5 t on the motorway via junction Brnik - Spodnji Brnik - Moste.

The road Bevško - Trbovlje in Trbovlje is closed on Vodenska cesta due to road renovation. The detour is organised on the local roads. 

There is a complete closure on the regional road Lesce - Bled on Alpska cesta by the crossroads towards the Maintenance base due to the roundabout construction. The two-way detour is organized next to the construction site. There are delays during peak hours.  

Note: The time of the aforementioned estimated works can change due to weather, technical or other reasons. Current changes are posted on the map and in the traffic report on  


Due to run, there are the following closures foreseen in Sežana and surroundings: short-time complete closures: from 10.50 to 11.50 on roads R2-445, Sežana - Fernetiči and RT-934, Sežana - Lipica. Complete and partial closure: from 11.15 to 13.00 on the road RT-934, Sežana - Lipica. 

Due to walk from Litija to Čatež, there will be an increased and hindered traffic in Litija, Šmartno pri Litiji and Čatež on 11.11.2017, between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m. In Litija, a part of Valvasor trg and Levstikova ulica will be closed, as well as Litijska cesta in Šmartno pri Litiji. 

Weather forecast

Changeable weather is predicted for the weekend, on Friday and Sunday also some sun; from Sunday on, cloudy weather, some fog or low clouds in the lowlands in the morning and until noon. During the night to Monday, the precipitation will increase and spread across the entirety of Slovenia. It will get colder, the range of snowfall will drop to around 500 m above sea level. On Monday morning, the precipitation will stop, at the latest in the southern Slovenia. The northern wind and bora wind in the Primorska region will start blowing. 

Winter equipment

The drivers are advised to prepare their vehicles in a timely fashion in accordance with the Road Traffic Safety Act (ZVCP), namely the motor vehicles and Trailers in Slovenia must be equipped with obligatory winter equipment in the winter time (from 15.11. and 15.3. of the following year) and in winter conditions. Winter conditions on the road or its part are when during snowing, the snow remains on the road surface or when the road surface is covered with snow, ice or glazed frost. 

Slovenia with 0.0 alcohol

During the activity 0.0 driver until 12 November, police officers will perform stricter controls of the physical and mental fitness of drivers across Slovenia. 

Traffic information: 

Before you start your journey, check the traffic information through:

- the website
- the PIC operator by calling 1970 (the number is not free of charge) or the automatic responder on 080 22 44 (free of charge),
- the mobile application DarsPromet+,
- social media (Twitter @promet_si and, 
- the traffic information on radio stations.
Traffic Information Centre for Public Roads wishes you a pleasant journey. 

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