Traffic forecast until 25 April 2019

Friday, April 19, 2019 5:51:00 AM


With the start of the (school) holidays in most European countries, we would like to notify drivers about busier morning peak hours when home vehicles will be joined by vehicles with foreign registration plates. We already expect higher traffic congestion on Thursday.

Traffic will especially increase on Thursday and Friday between Austria and Italy in the direction of Croatia, on coastal roads and at border crossings with Croatia (Gruškovje, Obrežje, Jelšane, Sečovlje, Dragonja).

Due to restrictions around the holidays, the number of goods vehicles will increase heavily before the end of the week on the motorway between Italy and Hungary.
On the Friday before Easter between 14:00 and 21:00 and on Sunday and Monday between 08:00 and 21:00, a traffic restriction will be in place in Slovenia for all goods vehicles and vehicles whose maximum permissible weight exceeds 7.5 tonnes. 

On Easter Monday, 22 April, and also on Tuesday, there will be increased traffic in the afternoon hours from tourist destinations in the direction of urban centres and from Croatia in the direction of Austria and Italy. The largest congestions are expected on the Coastal motorway in the direction of Ljubljana, on the Upper-Carniola motorway all the way to the Karavanke tunnel, and on the Lower-Carniola motorway in the direction of Ljubljana. Traffic will be additionally hindered due to the deconstruction works of toll booths.

Thursday, 25 April, is a holiday in Italy and the end of the school holidays. There will be increased traffic due to goods vehicles on the motorway from Hungary to Italy the day before.

Planned works

Deconstruction works of toll booths are actively underway, more below and at the link.

A2, Karavanke - Obrežje motorway

Traffic at sections Dobruška vas - Drnovo and Drnovo - Brežice in the direction of Obrežje will run in both directions on the opposite side of the motorway until 10 May due to renovation roadworks and the deconstruction of the Krško and Drnovo toll booth.

A1, Ljubljana - Maribor - Ljubljana motorway

At the section between Vransko and Šentrupert (deconstruction of the toll booth and the renovation of about 4 km of roads in both directions), traffic shall run on two narrowed lanes, both in the direction of Maribor as well as in the direction of Ljubljana. Such traffic regulation will be in place until approx. 6 May 2019. The scheduled completion date of the works is in the second half of July.

The fast lane on the Styria motorway before the Lukovica rest area (Krtina - Lukovica) in the direction of Maribor, will be closed until 15:00 on 17 April, due to road repair works. Congestion is expected. 

A1, Ljubljana - Koper motorway

Construction works (upgrades to steel safety barriers) are being carried out at various parts of the Coastal motorway.

H4, Vipava expressway

A full road closure of the H4 expressway between the Nanos junction and Vipava in the direction of Vrtojba (Italy) is expected until the start of June due to the construction of experimental windbreaks. Traffic on this 7 km stretch of road is regulated mostly on the other half of the expressway in both directions, one lane for each direction.

Other roads

The regional road Logatec - Žiri will be fully closed at Rovte between 17 April and 20 June 2019 due to the restoration of riverbanks and the reconstruction of the road. Detours will be established during the full closure; for passenger cars: Rovte – Hlevni vrh – Vrh Sv. Treh kraljev – Račeva – Žiri and in the opposite direction. Goods vehicles: Logatec – Vrhnika – Horjul – Gorenja vas – Žiri and in the opposite direction. More information at the link.

Overview of roadworks or road events at:


Increased traffic and road wear are the reason for the ever present renovation and maintenance works on our motorways. Therefore, we ask for your understanding and tolerance during road closures. "Incorrect driving during road closures", link.

Traffic information
Before you set off, check the traffic information via:
- the website
- the operators at 1970 (the number is not free of charge), or the automated telephone information service 080 22 44 (free of charge)
- the mobile app DarsPromet+
- social media (Twitter @promet_si and
- by listening to traffic reports from the radio stations.

Hindered and increased traffic due to Easter events is expected mainly around pilgrim routes and churches, as well as around shopping centres and their vicinity during, before and after the holidays.

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