Traffic Forecast until 5 June

Friday, May 29, 2015 7:00:00 PM

At the end of the week, we can expect increased traffic flow from urban areas toward tourist destinations; this also applies to traffic coming from Austria and heading for Croatia (and in the opposite direction), since we are approaching the summer holidays.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, i.e. 2 and 3 June, we can expect an increased number of freight vehicles at the border crossings with Italy due to the national holiday in Italy on Tuesday.

More dense traffic can also be expected on Thursday, 4 June, since Austria, Croatia and the greater part of Germany will have holidays; this especially applies on Sunday, 7 June, when traffic will flow from the tourist destinations toward urban areas.

We would also like to caution drivers about obstacles due to events. Because of an event, the R3-638 road (Žirovnica – Begunje) will be completely closed on 29 May between 16.45 and 17.45. There will be no detour.

We also advise caution due to roadworks.


On Saturday, 30 May 2015, roadworks will be carried out on the South Ljubljana Bypass for the whole day; the work will stretch from the Ljubljana-South junction toward the Kozarje turn off (the turn off for Postojna) and from the Ljubljana – Vič junction toward the Malence turn off (the turn off for Novo mesto). One driving lane at a time will be closed on both sites. One lane in both directions at the Ljubljana – Vič junction will also be closed on Sunday, 31 May 2015.

We also expect longer congestion times, which is why we recommend that drivers completely avoid the South Ljubljana Bypass during this end of the week.

Traffic between Šentrupert and Žalec in the direction of Ljubljana, where finishing renovation work is being carried out, is directed along two narrowed lanes for approximately 2.5 km. The barrier will be removed on Saturday, 30 May, when vehicles will be able to travel on only one lane in each direction during the low-traffic period. The barrier will be completely removed on Sunday, 31 May, when the driving lane and the shoulder will be closed due to the associated roadworks in the direction of Ljubljana; consequently, traffic will be directed solely onto the fast lane.

From Thursday, 28 May, to Sunday 31 May, traffic will only be possible on the fast lane at a distance of about 300 meters between the Lopata rest stop and the Žalec motorway exit in the direction of Ljubljana (the driving lane and the shoulder will be closed); we will be carrying out emergency rehabilitation work due to a damaged dilatation on the Pirešica bridge crossing (in the direction of Ljubljana).  Traffic congestion is to be expected.

The Karawanks Tunnel will be closed to all traffic from Thursday night to Friday morning (28/29 May from 20.00 in 5.00) – we will be carrying out air-flow measurements. A detour for freight vehicles will be arranged on the motorway through Udine (I) or Graz (A), while the detour through Rateče (also recommended for caravans and mobile homes), the Wurzen Pass and Ljubelj will only be open for passenger vehicles.

Traffic at the Hrušica TS will be hindered until 15 June due to rehabilitation work being done on the Kompas Overpass; this includes the return access roads. A partial closure of the motorway under the overpass between the tunnel and Hrušica junction will be in effect because of roadwork; the section of the Karawanks freight road will be completely closed (the access and exit to the freight vehicle platform are closed in both directions).

Roadworks at the H6 Koper–Žusterna expressway section are being carried out due to finishing works aimed at connecting the expressway to the Markovec Tunnel; the Semedela Exit toward Ljubljana is expected to be closed until the start of June.

From Tuesday, 26 May, roadworks are being done on the carriageway in the H5 Bertoki–Koper expressway section; the fast lane, linked to the existing Koper–Žusterna closure, in the direction of Ljubljana is closed (for about two kilometres). The work is expected to be completed early next week.

Due to rehabilitation work being carried out in the Škofije Tunnel, traffic at the H5 Škofije–Srmin section flows through the second tunnel tube in both directions; in total, the closure due to the work is about a kilometre long, stretching from the Škofije border-crossing area and the Škofije junction. The work is expected to be completed by the start of June. The access and exit branches of the junctions are open for traffic.

R1-203, Predil – Bovec
The road over the Predil Pass is open to all vehicles not exceeding 13.5 meters in length on the Italian side due to a land-slide. The traffic is one-way and alternating.

R1-216, Črmošnjice – Črnomelj
The road between Ručetna vas and Lokve is expected to be closed until 24 June. A detour is possible through the Soteska - Novo mesto - Metlika – Črnomelj road (24 June).

R2-404, Podgrad – Ilirska Bistrica, in the area where it crosses the Pivka – Ilirska Bistrica railway line
The Podgrad – Ilirska Bistrica is closed in Ilirska Bistrica between the bridge over the Reka River and Vojkov Drevored until 15 June 2015. A detour for semi-trailers and towing vehicles in transit in the Postojna – Croatia direction will be arranged through Starod/Pasjak BC. Semi-trailers and towing vehicles joining the G1 6 road from Postojna will be allowed to drive up to Jelšane/Rupa BC. All semi-trailers and towing vehicles, driving in the direction of or from the area between Postojna and Jelšane, will be considered local traffic. A detour through the construction site and along the G1-6 Pivka – Ilirska Bistrica main road will be arranged for other vehicles.

Statistically speaking, ignoring the recommended safety distance while driving represents one of the most common reasons for traffic accidents, especially when confronted with road closures. Under normal conditions, the safety distance must not be less than the distance travelled at our current driving speed in two seconds (if we drive at 100 km/h, the safety distance is at least 54 meters, while it increases to 72 meters when driving at 130 km/h).

 You can check the road conditions by going to, (mobile devices can also go to, calling the toll-free motorway road information service: 080 22 44, or by calling the Traffic Information Centre (TIC) at Tel: 00386/ 01/518-8-518.
 We wish you pleasant and above all safe driving.

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