Traffic Forecast until 9 September 2016

Friday, September 2, 2016 6:00:00 PM

As the school year has started, we would like to warn drivers to drive carefully near schools, kindergartens and bus stations, and also near paths students use on their way to school (pedestrians, cyclists, bikers, skateboarders). Do not forget to use safety belts when driving your children to school, a reflective kerchief, adjust your speed accordingly and pay special attention to the conditions on the road. 

The morning and afternoon traffic is increasing, especially during weekdays between 6 and 8am and between 3 and 5pm. 

Since there are still numerous tourists driving on the roads (there are still holidays in certain parts of Europe), we expect increased traffic on Friday afternoon and on Saturday towards the Slovenian and Croatian coasts and in the opposite direction on Saturday and Sunday. Extended congestion is expected at Istria’s border crossings. Congestion before the Karavanke tunnel towards Austria can also be expected, which will last longer due to the border controls of the Austrian authorities.  

As of 5 September the prohibition of freight vehicles up to 7.5t ceases to be valid on Saturdays. The restrictions still apply on Sundays, holidays and work-free days from 8am to 9pm. MORE


Major renovation works are being performed on the A2 highway between Kranj - zahod and Kranj - vzhod with a total distance of 6.2km, which be completed by mid-September. Traffic runs on two narrow lanes on both sides. 

On Friday, 2 September, the north Ljubljana bypass will have only one lane open towards Zadobrova/Maribor, therefore extended congestion is expected on this part of the road.  

Extensive restoration works are being performed on the north Ljubljana bypass. Traffic between Tomačevo and the Celovška road runs both ways on two narrow lanes. On Sunday, 4 September 2016, the 4th block phase is expected: the fast lanes will be closed and traffic shall run on two narrow lanes on both sides. As of 1 September, all junctions will be open, however entry to the bypass will still be challenging.


Traffic for freight vehicles above 7.5t between Styria and the coastal region and vice versa is being redirected onto the eastern and southern Ljubljana bypass.



There are restoration works being performed on the Arja vas (Žalec)–Šempeter section, which will probably be finished by 7 October. Traffic shall run on the other half of the highway, on two narrow lanes in each direction. The Žalec junction in the direction of Ljubljana shall remain closed until mid-October.   


  • On Saturday, 3 September, complete road closures: R1-201, Podkoren - Kranjska Gora, from 11 to 11.15am; R1-206, Kranjska Gora - Erika, from 11.00 to 11.15am; Ruska cesta (Erika - Vršič) from 11.15am to 2pm (event).          
  • In Tržič, between 3 and 4 September, changed traffic flow in the city centre and its vicinity (event).

  • R2-404, Ilirska Bistrica - Pivka (Šembije-Gabrje), complete closure 3 September. 2016 from 8am to 9pm and 4 September 2016 from 7am to 12am (mountain speed race).

  • R3-695, Polzela, complete closure from, 4. September 9.45am to 10.15am (cycling event).

    We would like to warn drivers about bikers in Austria, which may affect traffic especially in the Upper Carniola region. Due to the strategic forum in Bled between 2 and 9 September, increased traffic with escorts is expected towards Bled. More serious congestions are to be expected on Monday, 5 September, between 2 and 6pm.




    Good luck on the way to and from school throughout the year: let us be CAREFUL drivers and REDUCE SPEED!




    Before you set off, check the traffic information. We recommend:

    • route check on the website;

    • operator call on 1970, traffic information centre for state roads (PIC); 

    • usage of the automatic telephone responder on highway traffic conditions: 080 22 44; 

    • the mobile application DarsPromet+;

    Twitter @DARS_si;

    • the Facebook page Vozimo pametno;

    • traffic information on radio stations.


    We wish you a safe journey.






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