Traffic forecast until Thursday, 21 June

Wednesday, June 13, 2018 8:00:00 PM

High traffic congestion is to be expected at the end of the week (Friday, Saturday), especially from Austria to the Slovenian and Croatian coasts. School holidays in Hungary and Croatia have started. Similar traffic congestion is also expected in the opposite direction on Sunday, especially in the afternoon.

In addition to congestion at border crossing points with Croatia, especially at the Gruškovje border crossing point and border crossing points in Istria, we also expect congestion before the Karavanke tunnel on Saturday and Sunday. 

The Tour of Slovenia, a bike race, will take place until 17 June in five stages at: Lendava - Murska Sobota, Maribor - Rogaška Slatina, Slovenske Konjice - Celje, Ljubljana - Kamnik, Trebnje - Novo mesto. More information at the link.

Expected construction works and road closures

We are issuing a warning to drivers to drive carefully around toll booths because there may be occasional traffic congestion due to changed signalisation. Construction works are currently being carried out at toll booths of Log, Postojna and Torovo.

A1, Ljubljana bypass

At the Malence split from the eastern to the southern Ljubljana bypass there will be traffic congestion on the emergency lane up to approx. 13 July 2018 due to construction works.

A2, Karavanke - Obrežje

Due to the Tour of Slovenia bike race, the junctions Trebnje - vzhod and Novo mesto - zahod will be closed on 17 June between 11am and 3:30pm.

A1, Ljubljana - Koper

Reconstruction works are being carried out at Ravbarkomanda. 

H4, expressway through the Vipava Valley

Reconstruction works are being carried out at H4 at the sections Vipava - Ajdovščina and Ajdovščina - Selo. Traffic is being run in both directions on one half of the expressway, one lane for each direction.

On Friday night (approx. after 8pm) on 15 June, there will be a total weekend closure of the expressway. The full closure will be lifted approx. on Monday, 18 June after 5am. During the construction works, there will be a detour on the parallel road.

A2, Karavanke - Obrežje

On Thursday, 14 June, traffic will run at intervals at the Karavanke tunnel between 8am and 4pm, with a 30 minute waiting time before the tunnel. The maximum transport width is 3.75m.

The Vodice junction will fully open approx. on 20 June, traffic will run on two narrowed lanes in both directions due to the demolition of the Torovo toll booth.

On Friday, 15 June, express lanes between the Jesenice rest area (N and S) and the Jesenice vzhod junction (Lipce) will be closed due to the closure of passages between the directional lanes.

Approx. on Tuesday, 19 June, the motorway exit at Lesce in the direction of the Karavanke tunnel will be closed for approx. 6 hours due to the mowing of grass - a detour will be marked via the Radovljica junction.

A1, Šentilj - Ljubljana 

At the section Vransko - Blagovica, a wash of Trojane tunnels in the direction of Ljubljana is expected the night of 14 to 15 June from 5pm to 2am.

At the section Arja vas - Domžale in both directions, a movable blockade of the emergency lane is expected on 15 June from 7:30am to 2pm due to the mowing of the grass.

At the sections Vransko - Trojane, a full closure of the junctions Vransko and Trojane (entry and exit) is expected in both directions on Friday, 15 June from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm due to the Tour of Slovenia bike race.

A5, Maribor - Lendava

At the section Dragučovo and Lenart around the Močna viaduct, the cut & cover Močna and Zamarkova viaduct, there will be recovery works until approx. 15 June 2018. During the total closure, traffic will be run in both directions on one side of the motorway.

Certain construction works on the main and regional roads

- At the road Kranjska Gora - Dovje in the Martuljek forest, there is a half closure due to road works.  Alternative one-way traffic is in place.  During weekends, traffic is occasionally run in both ways.
- Due to the landslide of the road, the regional road Podtabor - Naklo between Bistrica and the motorway junction Naklo remains closed. A detour is possible on the motorway between junctions Naklo and Podtabor. For the remainder of the closure, drivers are not obligated to have a valid vignette between these two junctions.
- In Ljubljana, the road “Pot za Brdom” will be closed up to 21 June, from the motorway junction Brdo to the crossroads with the road “Pot Roberta Blinca”.Access to Hotel Mons will be possible only from the direction of the bypass.During the closure, drivers are not required to have a valid vignette on the western bypass between the junctions Brdo and Podutik.

- The road Dolenjske Toplice - Črmošnjice - Črnomelj will be closed in Črmošnjice up to 30 June. A detour for personal vehicles and buses will be made on local roads, heavy vehicles weighting 3.5t and more will have a detour via Novo mesto and Semič.

- The main road Metlika - Novo mesto will be closed for the weekend because of the race. During this time, a detour for vans and trucks will run through Črmošnjice, which is currently the detour for cars and buses on the local road. The heavy vehicle ban will be temporarily lifted at the detour.

- On the road Ilirska Bistrica - Jelšane there is a half closure at Dolenje pri Jelšanah, alternative one-way traffic is in place. During increased traffic there will be congestion.

Overview of other road works at the link:

Other events:

- R2-408, Žiri - Trebija, 15 June from 3pm to 16 June to 1am, complete closure. During the closure, a detour will run on local roads LC 499 201 and LC 496 031 (through the industrial zone) (event).

- R2-441, Murska Sobota - Gederovci, 15 June from 1am to 11.58pm, complete closure (fair).

- G2-105, 105 Novo mesto - Metlika, International mountain speed race Gorjanci, 16 June from 7am to 7pm. Complete closure (during the closure traffic will be redirected to state roads R2-419, R1-216 and 1178, R1-218, 1212, 1152 and 1213 and municipality roads.

- R2-403, Češnjica - Škofja Loka, 16 June from 6:55pm to 7:10pm, complete closure. No detour (running event).

- In Škofja Loka, there will be some closures in the city centre and its surroundings on Saturday, 16 June (running event).

 - R3-614, Komen - Štanjel, 16 June from 10 to 17 June until 8am, complete closure. During the closure, traffic will be redirected to the state road R3-618 and municipality roads (public holiday).

- R3-697, Nazarje - Gornji Grad, 17 June from 10am to 12pm for 30 minutes (2x), complete closure, no detour (running marathon).

- R2-448, Pluska - Trebnje, 17 June from 9:05am to 9:30am (bike race).

- R1-218, Črnomelj, 21 June from 9am to 25 July to 12pm, complete closure. During the closure, traffic will be redirected to state roads R1-216 section 1178 and 1393, R1-218 section 1213 and 1152, and municipality roads (folklore festival Jurjevanje”).


We ask drivers to exercise caution due to the mowing of grass and other road works on the various sections of motorways and expressways within the activities of regular annual maintenance Works.

Driving at too short of a safety distance is statistically one of the most frequent causes of traffic accidents (327 traffic accidents occurred in 2016 on Slovenian expressways and motorways due to the inappropriate safety distance). More at the link.

Freight traffic limits

Limiting freight traffic and groups of vehicles whose maximum permissible weight exceeds 7.5 tonnes will be changed on Saturday, 23 June as per the Decree on traffic limitations on roads in the Republic of Slovenia.  More at the link.


Data obtained from ARSO suggests that in the night of Thursday we may expect frequent thunderstorms and local heavy rainfall. Stronger winds, hail, an increase of torrents and the build-up of storm water may also occur. Interchangeable weather is expected from Sunday to Friday, there will be local showers and thunderstorms. We urge drivers to exercise caution and drive safely during thunderstorms. 

Traffic information

Before you set off, check the traffic information via:
- the website at,
- PIC operator on the number 1970 (the number is not free of charge) or responder 080 22 44 (free of charge),
 - mobile application DarsPromet+,
- social media (Twitter @promet_si and,
- monitoring traffic information on radio stations.

The Traffic Information Centre for Public Roads wishes you a pleasant drive.

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