Traffic forecast until Thursday, 5 september 2019

Thursday, August 29, 2019 6:15:00 AM

At the start of the school year, we would like to notify drivers to be cautious around schools, kindergartens, bus stops and routes to schools.

Regular morning and afternoon traffic peak hours are back, especially on radial roads to larger cities. An overview of the hours when speeds are greatly reduced on motorways in the direction of Ljubljana, where there is the most congestion at daily peak hours, can be found here.  

Additional congestion on the A2 Ljubljana-Kranj motorway will be caused by tourists joining the already increased traffic during afternoon peak hours.
The majority of the holiday traffic is expected on Saturday and Sunday from Croatia to Austria. The A1 Koper-Ljubljana motorway will have the most traffic. 

The majority of the congestion will be at the border crossings in Istria, Gruškovje, at the entry to the Karavanke tunnel and at the border crossing of Šentilj in the direction of Austria.

School holidays in parts of Austria, in Croatia, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, parts of the Netherlands, and Slovenia will end on Sunday.

Expected construction works and road closures

A2 motorway Ljubljana-Jesenice

Between the Šmartno and Vodice junctions in the direction of Kranj, traffic on an approx. 600m long stretch of road will run on two narrowed lanes from 17 September 2019 due to the construction of noise barriers.

At the section between the Kranj vzhod and Brezje junctions, preparatory works will be carried out for the resurfacing of section constructions in the direction of Karavanke until 2 September when, depending on the weather, traffic will run in both directions on two narrowed lanes until 25 November.

Between the Ljubno tunnel and the Kranj zahod junction in the direction of Ljubljana, traffic runs on two narrowed lanes.

In order to restore the Podmežakla 1 and 2 viaducts, preparatory works in both directions shall commence until 3 September between the junctions Jesenice zahod and Jesenice vzhod. Traffic will run in both directions on one half of the MW until approximately mid-November (no permit has been issued yet). Congestion is expected.

Karavanke tunnel: During the night between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. from 28 August to 2 September 2019, there will be approx. 15-20 minute full road closures due to mining on the Austrian side of the (A11) Karavanke tunnel.

A2 motorway Ljubljana - Obrežje

On the A2 motorway section between the Ivančna Gorica and Grosuplje junctions in the direction of Ljubljana, traffic runs on two narrowed lanes.

Between Grosuplje and Višnja Gora, traffic will mostly run on two narrowed lanes in each driving direction (in the direction of Novo mesto, traffic will run on one lane next to the construction site, i.e. the right half of the motorway). The restoration works are planned to be concluded by mid-November. Drivers wishing to leave the motorway at Višnja Gora in the direction of Novo mesto should stick to the right side of the lane at the start of the road closure until the end of August.

It is estimated that the narrowed driving lane in the area of the construction site (in the direction of Novo mesto) at weekends, from Friday as of 7 p.m. to Monday until 1 p.m., will be closed, as well as during weekdays between 6 a.m. and 1 p.m., which means that traffic in the direction of Novo mesto during these hours will run only on one lane, therefore congestion is expected.

In the area of the former Drnovo toll booth, minor road closures are expected due to the completion of the arrangement of the former toll booth area.

A1 motorway Ljubljana - Maribor

At the Šentilj-Pesnica road section in the direction of Ljubljana, there will be a partial road closure due to the removal and re-arrangement of the Pesnica toll booth. Works are expected to run until 22 October 2019.

Overview of other road works

You can find more information on other road construction works (mark the “Roadworks” box to the left of the map).


We urge drivers to be careful and cautious at the start of the new school year on all routes, especially in the vicinity of kindergartens, schools, pedestrian crossings and elsewhere.


R2-404, Ilirska Bistrica - Pivka, 30 August - 1 September, full road closure without a detour (mountain speed race).

Tržič, 1 September: changed traffic arrangement in the city centre and its vicinity (event).

Due to the strategic forum at Bled between 2 September and 3 September 2019, an increased number of vehicles with escorts are to be expected in the direction of Bled.

Kranjska Gora - Vršič, 7 September 2019, full road closure to Vršič between 10.30 a.m. and 1.30 p.m. (cycling event).

There will be a bikers' meeting in Austria, which will have an impact on traffic, especially in Upper Carniola between 3 and 8 September 2019.


ARSO forecasts very variable weather at the end of the week, especially on Friday and Saturday when local showers and storms are possible. Mostly cloudy and rainy weather is also possible from Monday to Wednesday.

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