Traffic on Slovenian roads during the Summer 2012

Tuesday, June 19, 2012 9:49:43 AM

On major Slovenian roads Increased traffic an congestions are expected almost every weekend in July and August. It starts with the last weekend in June - the beginning of the school summer holidays in Slovenia.

Congestions are most frequent at the following sections:

From Austria towards Croatia
- on A4 Maribor – Ptuj, at the end of motorway at Ptuj,
- on A2 Karavanke – Ljubljana, at Karavanke tunnel.

On Roads in the south and from Italy towards Croatia
- on main road No. 11 Koper – Smarje – Dragonja,
- on main road No. 111 Koper – Izola – Portoroz,
- on main road No. 6  Postojna – Ilirska Bistrica – Jelsane,
- on main road No. 7 Kozina – Starod. 

On bordercrossings with Croatia:
Secovlje (on Portoroz – Secovlje), Dragonja (on Koper – Dragonja), Starod (on Kozina – Starod), Jelsane (on Ilirska Bistrica – Jelsane), Obrezje (on motorway Novo mesto – Obrezje) and Gruskovje (on Ptuj – Gruškovje).

On H3 northern bypass of Ljubljana traffic will be obstructed due to major roadworks. On this section traffic is restricted for heavy vehicles over 7,5 t.  

Traffic Restrictions
Traffic restrictions on Slovenian roads for heavy vehicles are extended during the Summer (more).
In addition to general restrictions there will be restricted access into the Karavanke tunnel for heavy goods vehicles with a maximum permissible weight of over 7.5 tonnes from 23 July 2012 until 1 September 2012 every Saturday from 5 am to noon. 

Recommendations for drivers

Be tolerant to other traffic participants. A greater number of tourists are on the road in the summer, the majority of whom are unfamiliar with the local roads.

Make sure you have an adequate amount of beverages with you in the car.

Be sure to always have a good map handy which can help you find alternative routes in the case of emergencies.

Heat may intensify health problems or fatique therefore you should only get behind the wheel if you are well-rested and healthy. Plan frequent rest stops for longer trips.

Pay attention to any forecasts predicting a worsening of the weather. Driving conditions immediately change during rain showers and storms.

Do not stop in tunnels or under overpasses in the event of hail. This is extremely dangerous and may cost you a lot more than car repairs caused by hail.

Before setting off on a trip check the traffic situation on the roads at the website and obtain contact for traffic reports in the countries you are travelling in.

Call the Traffic Information Centre on the telephone number +386 1 518 8 518 and keep your radio on a station providing traffic information (in Slovenia these are the radio stations Val 202 and Radio SI).

Traffic-information centre for public roads

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